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Name: Blackraptor
Date(s): 1998-present
Type: gen, slash, het
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
Blackraptor M7 Fan Fiction.jpg
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Blackraptor is a Magnificent Seven fanfiction archive. As of July 2011, the archive hosts more than 5,400 stories. The stories are sorted alphabetically by title and by author, but there are also character-centric index pages.

From The FAQ:

blackraptor accepts all genres of fiction, with the following guidelines applying:
  • No erotica involving children under 17. This includes supernatural beings (vampires, werewolves, aliens, clones, cyborgs, immortals, etc) who have the physical appearance of a child regardless of their age.
  • No 'actor fic' (for example, stories about Chris Larabee and Vin Tanner are acceptable - stories about Michael Biehn and Eric Close are not).
  • Please obtain permission before using characters and material created by other fan fic authors.
  • No crossovers with written, published works such as novels or comic books that have not been relegated to film.
  • 'Songfics' must contain some original work. Not more than 1/4 of the text should be lyrics. The writer of the song(s) must be credited.
  • ALL stories must feature one or more recurring Magnificent Seven canon characters as the main character(s). This means the story is about them. Original characters are fine, but M7 characters should not play supporting roles to their "lead."[1]

To read the adult fiction archived at Blackraptor, an age statement is required. After sending the age statement by email, the URL to access the adult index page will be provided.[2]


explanation of what the buttons mean
Blackraptor buttons indicating genre, type of AU or shared universe

Fan Comments

A large collection of The Magnificent Seven fanfiction, both GEN and SLASH. Gen stories are freely archived on the main page, but slash stories have their own mini-archive and require an age-statement to access them. Blackraptor is easy to navigate and easy to submit to. Colorful buttons serve as a guide to many alternate universes common to this fandom. Featured characters of stories are always indicated, even separated into various character pages, so you can pick and choose who to read about. The only drawback of this site is the lack of story summaries with which to judge by. Nevertheless, the is my favorite source of M7 fiction.[3]

– at Fanfiction Quicklinks by Moonbeam


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