Black Sash

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Name: Black Sash
Creator: Robert Mark Kamen
Date(s): March 30 – June 1, 2003
Medium: TV series
Country of Origin: United States
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Black Sash was a 2003 short-lived WB show focused on the Chinese marital arts starring Russell Wong. The series also starred Missy Peregrym (as Tory Stratton), Corey Sevier (as Trip Brady), Ray J (as Bryan Lanier), Sarah Carter (as Allie Bennett), and Drew Fuller (as Nick Reed).

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Probably due to its cancelled status and the fact that only six episodes were aired before the WB stopped airing it, the fandom is VERY small. does not have a category for it[1] and there is only one LiveJournal community which was created on the same day the series premiered: March 30, 2003.

At one time, the fandom had at least three fansites before merging to form Black Sash Online.


  • Tory/Allie
  • Tory/Trip
  • Allie/Bryan

Connections with other Fandoms

Sarah Carter went on to do guest starring appearances on Smallville as Alicia Baker and later onto Falling Skies. Drew Fuller went on to star in Charmed as Chris Perry, and later on starred in the Army Wives. Missy Peregrym went on to do guest appearances on Smallville as Molly Griggs and appeared in Heroes, and later on went to star in Reaper and Rookie Blue.


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