Birds of a Feather (Batman archive)

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Name: Birds of a Feather
Date(s): 2001[1] - present[2]
Archivist: A.j.
Founder: A.j.
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Batman
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A very nicely done shrine devoted to the relationship between arguably the best sorta-couple in Gotham: Dick "Nightwing" Grayson and Barbara "Oracle" Gordon. Go here for stories -- lots of stories, over 60 at the time this review was made! There's also a story-of-the-month if you're not sure where to start. Warning: contains some mature material.

CFAN Archives: DC Comics, review by Kielle, Aug 9/01

Birds of a Feather is an fanfiction archive for any Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon fics, and described as the "oldest and widest". When she updated regularly, A.j. included a "Story of the Month", picked from the archive and submissions.

It currently hosts 216 stories by 72 authors. It is hosted at The Family Archives, A.j.'s domain and was last updated February 8, 2006.


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Authors Archived[4]

A.j. Aea Amanda Amy Andrea13
Anonymous Batgirl Natasha Bennett BK C.W. Blaine
Blinky The Tree Frog Brooke Tesub Calle Chicago Cim
Jade Daniels Debbie & Rick Delphinios Charlene E Eilonwy
M. F. Fair Falstaff Firebird Syl F Frito
Gates Gentleman Jack Gen X Marcie Anne Gore Jim Greeno
Paige H Lloyd T. Hayes Terri Hayes Lee Hughes Lydia Hunter
Indigo Gina Ivy Kerithwyn Jade Joolz Jubilee
Juliet K9 E. Kelly Kristina Lady Lioness
Lauren Libby DC Luder Lyssa Gaeriel Mallory
JB McDragon Sandra Miller Moon Vicki Napier Arlene P
Ratgirl01 Jody R Rose Sarai Sarie
The Seitz SKH Amanda Sichter Cyndi Smith Smitty
Sarah Stella Tammy Thomas Tan Twiller Recceanna Valourawynne
Carmen Wayne Winter Sonata


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