Big Bad Leroy Brown

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Title: Big Bad Leroy Brown
Creator: Paul Kosinski
Date: before 1992
Format: VCR, digitally remastered
Music: "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: digital remastered version with edits

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Big Bad Leroy Brown is a VCR era Star Wars vid by Paul Kosinski. The vid was recommended in 2008 to be part of the Vividcon Comedy vid show here.

In his book Textual Poachers, Henry Jenkins writes:

[The vid is an example of when] images are borrowed from their original narrative context and made to tell fundamentally different stories: ..."Big Bad Leroy Brown" reworks the futuristic images of Star Wars in terms of this contemporary ballad of urban crime and romance: the Death Star becomes "the south side of Chicago," Vader's TIE Fighter a "custom Continental," his light saber a "razor," and a succession of alien creatures "junkyard dogs."

Luke and Darth battle for the affections of Leia, with their confrontation from The Empire Strikes Back re-edited to suggest Skywalker's triumph. [The vidder never] completely divorces these images from their original meanings. Rather, their videos play upon the reader's ability to see these images as simultaneously contributing to a new narrative and bearing memories of their status in a very different context.