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Name: Doctor Beth
Alias(es): Beth Singer
Fandoms: Star Trek, Stargate Atlantis, Forever Knight, many, many more
URL: at Archive of Our Own
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Doctor Beth is a fan writer and eBay zine seller.


Doctor Beth's stories published in print fanzines include:

  • The Realization – A missing scenes/extended scenes story surrounding the episode “A Private Little War” (Star Trek: TOS) in Grimmoire.
  • The Scar – Daniel's Appendicitis scar becomes more important than any SG-1 could have ever imagined when a mission goes badly wrong. (Nominated for a 2012 Fan Q Award) in Redemption #10.
  • The Nobel Prize – A crossover with The Big Bang Theory. A device to contact aliens yields results far beyond Sheldon's dreams. (Nominated for a 2013 Fan Q Award) Redemption #12.
  • Saving Santa (Nominated for a 2015 Fan Q Award) - Redemption #15.
  • The Microbots - A mission goes badly wrong when John is injured and a strange woman is their only hope for help and a way home to Atlantis. In Critias #4.
  • Captured - Jack whirled around just in time to see Daniel's eyes roll back so far they showed nothing but white crescents. His left arm buckled and Jack caught him before he fell. In Gateways #3.

Doctor Beth's 2017 Star Trek Beyond novel, published by Ashton Press, Well, That's Just Typical was a Fan Q Honorable Mention for "Star Trek Kelvin -- Stand-Alone 'Zine -- Gen." [1]

Dr. Beth has an active presence on both and on Archive of Our Own: Her SG-1 stories on Archive Of Our Owninclude: Somewhere in the Bahama, Paperwork, Agonies and Ecstasies, and The Greatest Fear.

Ebay Seller

Dr Beth is a major seller on eBay where she sells used media fanzines. She buys collections from people who are either done with their fanzines or from the estates of fans' families.

She often has information or chairs a panel at fan cons about what to do with your fanzine collection when it comes to writing your will or trust; her idea is to save zine collections that might otherwise be destroyed by families with no idea what to do with them.


She also participated in the Media Fandom Oral History Project, see Media Fandom Oral History Project Interview with Doctor Beth (2007).


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