Beta Antares Four

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Title: Beta Antares Four
Publisher: International Fizzbin Society, a fan club out of Ohio
Editor(s): Cheryl P. Gloger
Date(s): late 1979-1980
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia (Star Trek: TOS, Battlestar Galactica (1978), Star Wars...)
Language: English
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Beta Antares Four is a gen multimedia anthology fanzine of art and stories.


Beta Antares Four v.1.n.1 was published in September 1979. It contains material from Star Trek and Star Wars.

cover of issue #1
  • Editor's Page (3)
  • Publishorial (4)
  • Interplanetary Classifieds (5)
  • After Great Tragedy, poem (6)
  • What's New (7)
  • Captain for a Week (8)
  • Young One, poem (22)
  • Captain's Log (23)
  • A Day in the Life of James T. Kirk, likely an illo (24)
  • Editorial (25)
  • Little-Known Facts (26)
  • Mere Trivialities (27)
  • cartoon (30)
  • Confusion/Transition (31)
  • Prelude, fiction (32)
  • Dark Dream, fiction (35)
  • Star Wars: Does Vader Survive? article (37)
  • Ode to an Ex-Wing, poem (38)
  • Skywalker's Story (39)
  • Rebel Base (40)

v.1 n.2

Beta Antares Four v.1 n.2 was published in Spring 1980 and contains 111 pages. It has Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica (1978), Star Trek, Fantasy Island, The Hobbit, and miscellaneous SF poems and satire. On the cover: "Where No Zine Has Gone Before."

cover of issue #2, Janet Lingel

Contributors to the zine: John Bartlett, Linda M. Bartlett, Margaret A. Berardi, Sally Burnell, Michele Canterbury, Karen Caskey, Cheryl P. Glover, Scott A. Glover, Charles E. Graffuis, James Green, Donald E. Grrne, Deborah M. Hoplight, Mary Ann Kennedy, Janet Lingel, Sharron Marshall, Hugh Munro, Jeremy A. Sargent, David Schearh, Mark A. Sieckowski, and Cheri Elaine Tripp.

From the editorial:

Wow! We actually HAVE a second issue! I just want you people to know that it has taken six months just to collect and type the material in this zine. And since we are probably the youngest people to put out our own zine, I consider that quite an accomplishment.

Our survey has shown that the average age of zine putter-outers is 38. The average age of our club members (Locally, at least) is 20. Are we 18 years behind? NO!!! So clap your hands and congratulate us!

There are a few things I would like to apologize for. First, the typographical errors. There are a few. Even careful proofreading and two bottles of White-Out do not create perfection. Secondly, the use of the term "Shaross" in the SW story. As all aliens know, Sharosan, or Sharos, is the Serrechanian term for "God". Well, we couldn't have SW characters saying "God", so we let them speak Serrechanian. Forgive us.

Third, I want to apologize for the price tag on this monstrosity.

And last, but certainly not least, I am apologizing for Millard Decker's failure to submit his "Captain For A Week" story. Mr. Decker has not been heard from since December 7. 1979-If you know where I can reach him, please let me know.

Allen Fantasy is a terrific story. I mean it. And I wish there were room to print the whole thing in this issue. (I didn't split it in half just to make you buy Beta Antares Four #3.) But buy the next issue anyway; it's guaranteed to be superb!
  • Editorial (3)
  • The Dragon's Weyr, some zine small print about letters and contributions (4)
  • The Official Orkan Dictionary by Cheryl. P. Glover (5)
  • foldout by David Schearh (7)
  • What's New?, review by Jeremy A. Sargent of the pro Trek book "Devil World" ("Devil World is poorly written science fiction and does not even qualify as valid Star Trek material. If you have not read it, don't bother -- it's as bad as they come") (8)
  • The Third Question, poem by Mark A. Sieckowski (9)
  • Ship's Log, poem by Linda A. Bartlett (10)
  • Star Wreck: The Patent Failure, a parody by Cheryl. P. Glover (11)
  • Identity Crisis, a humorous poem by Peggy Berardi (12)
  • Hand Clasp, a poem by Peggy Berardi (13)
  • Fear of Flying, a poem by Peggy Berardi (14)
  • Inter-Action, two poems by Peggy Berardi (14)
  • To Spock, poem by Peggy Berardi, "based on" The Mind-Sifter by Shirley Maiewski (15)
  • Inner Turmoil, poem by Peggy Berardi (15)
  • word search puzzle by Cheryl. P. Glover (16)
  • The Sith: Contest Winners, three club members' speculations are printed, several are handwritten rather than typed (17)
  • Invincible, a Star Wars poem by Cheryl. P. Glover (23)
  • Darkover, Cheryl. P. Glover writes of Darkover fandom, says she would like to see other fans' Darkover fanworks for a future section in this zine called "The Tower" ("I would like to see what you people can do. I am just beginning to realise how much Darkover fandom there really is, and I hope that somewhere out there are some talented people who would like to try their hands at Darkover materials. This means not only stories but also poetry, Darkovan legends and folklore, artwork, Darkovan songs (maybe even with music for Terran instruments) short, anything you want to try, I'll take.") (24)
  • A Lot Like Home by Cheryl. P. Glover, Darkover story (25)
  • Apollo's Romance: A Story in Pictures by Cheri Elaine Tripp ("There used to be a story that went with this, but the author requested that it not be published. Here, then, are Cheryl Elaine Tripp's delightful illustrations to the story of Apollo's romance with the woman he later finds out is Adama's illegitimate daughter —— his own sister. Note Starbuck's habitual cigar.") (27)
  • Galactica, Battlestar Galactica poem by Cheryl. P. Glover (34)
  • Princesses, Star Wars poem by Peggy Berardi (25)
  • an original filksong, Star Wars, by Cheryl. P. Glover (37)
  • Quest for Middle-Earth, article by Peggy Berardi (38)
  • Wandering, poem by Cheryl. P. Glover (43)
  • Portrait of a Nightmare, poem by Mark A. Sieckowski (44)
  • drawing by David Schearh (45)
  • Alien Fantasy, part one of a Fantasy Island/original science fiction story by Mary Ann Kennedy (46)
  • The Real Episode Title Quiz (66)
  • quiz answers, and One Night, a Star Wars poem by Scott Gloger (67)
  • Trek Take, a one-page comic parody of the episode "Devil in the Dark" by Don E. Greene (68)
  • cartoon (69)
  • Situation, Star Trek poem by Margaret A. Berardi and Cheryl P. Glover (70)
  • Dear James Blish, Why Didn't You Die Sooner? or, The Trouble With Star Trek Books 1-12, an article by Linda M. Bartlett ("Even a 9-year-old rerun watcher could do a better job! Since you are dead, I think I can safely criticize your work... The fact of the matter is that I got so absolutely nauseated with your books that I have rewritten every single story!... P.S. Your wife doesn't know how to write, either!") (72)
  • The Littlest Warrior, a Battlestar Galactica story by Cheryl P. Glover (74)
  • The Wookie [sic] War, a Star Wars story by Margaret A. Berardi (86)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Beta Antares Four #2 was good. If 2 is better than 1, what will 3 be? Star Wreck was very accurate to ST:TMP. Peggy's poems were as usual good. Apollo's Romance was an interesting departure that allows multiple story lines. Let the readers use their imagination for a while. Loved Quest For Middle-Earth. Count me in on the Darkover section. I'll be working on material in my spare time. (That spare time that is almost a legend instead of an actuality) [A Lot Like Home] was intriguing but I'm not sure I got it all the first time and haven't re-read it yet. The rest of the issue that I've read so far was alright and I'm looking to more from some of those people. ... No, I didn't forget about the Sith contest. I was being modest about seeing myself in print from something else but poetry. [1]

Issue 3

Beta Antares Four 3 was published in Fall/Winter 1980 and contains 110 pages.

front cover of issue #3
back cover of issue #3
From the editorial:

About the stories; This time I think you'll agree we have something for everyone. Captain For A Week is finally back with us, and we hope to have another for the next issue. Bernadette really did an excellent job of developing the idea, and I hereby thank her publicly... For those of you who have been waiting suspensefully, here is the conclusion of Alien Fantasy. More on this later. I am not really qualified to judge my own stories, but my assistant-editors seem to like them. And a note to all you Darkover fans out there: this time the Darkover story has a plot. Marion gave ma a few pointers, and I am now working on a series of "New Generation" stories in my nonexistent spare time (i.e. in class, on the bus, at SCA meetings, etc.). Marion doesn't know yet, but as soon as I can xerox a copy, she will. The Apprentice was an interesting idea that sprang from Amy Kisil's drawing of Yoda as a boy. As of this writing no one has read it but me, so I can't give you any comments on it. And Dragonchild is a controversial issue among my friends who have read it. You'll have to decide for yourself whether the concept is practical.

The poetry is looking good. Peggy and Linda have, as usual, given me more high-quality material than I could possibly use In one issue. We have several new poets this time, too: Michelle Ward of the Walter Koenig Fan Society, Kathy Wallace, Eleana Galayani (yep, that's her name!) and Denina Janson. And of course our esteemed SCA-er, Lady Saradven Arlandalen. (known to some of us as Sally Burnell, aka Saladwen)

The art is terrific, even though there's less of it than we had in the last zine. I refrained from sending stories out to be illoed, because obviously our page count has already run over by 30 pages.

Which brings us to the news of the world: Although I am not yet disclosing the contents of our next issue, Beta Antares Four #5 will feature THE BEST OF BETA ANTARES FOUR, with new illustrations, and Alien Fantasy (I told you there'd be more) reprinted in its entirety. (It's easy to do once it's been typed for other issues!) If you have a favorite story that you'd like to see included in this collection, let us know. We don't want to decide the "best" for you....

And speaking of contributions, I'd like to see what the readership can do as a writership. This includes any kind of stories, poems, art, articles, book reviews, letters-to-the-editor (hey, that's me!) and puzzles & quizzes. This is a request that I have made again and again. Why is it that I'm always publishing the same people? Listen, this zine is supposed to be a jumplng-off place for new writers who haven't got the guts to try a long-established specialized zine. Get it? And I have no qualms about printing stuff that's been rejected by someone else.
Some author's notes:
"Alien Fantasy" is the first part of a book called The Serrechanian Chronicle One which is currently being prepared to make the rounds of publishers. Mary Ann Kennedy and I are planning several other books, for a series, if the first one is successful. We will appreciate any letters of comment, so that we can have some feedback early on in the process. By the way, in case you're worried that Aaron Spelling Productions may not go with the idea, we do have an alternate chapter written.
  • Editorial (2)
  • Dragon's Weyr, LoC (4)
  • What's New, review by Linda Bartlett of Susan Cooper's books (5)
  • ST:TMP, Reedited, cartoon by Michelle Ward, reprinted from WKFS Journal, November 1980 (6)
  • T'hy'la, poem by Michelle Ward (7)
  • cartoons by Peggy Berardi (8)
  • Possession, Star Trek poem by Linda Bartlett (9)
  • One Chunk of Dilithium, Trek satire by Kathy Wallace (10)
  • Down in the Valley, poem by Kathy Wallace (10)
  • Love Left on a Starbase, vague Trek poem by Kathy Wallace (11)
  • drawing of Luke Skywalker (?), by Kathy Wallace (12)
  • Soliloquy, science fiction poem by Peggy Bernardi (13)
  • drawing by Bernadette Krebs (14)
  • Incident, Star Trek fiction by Cheryl P. Gloger (15)
  • The Apprentice, Star Wars fiction starring a young Yoda by Cheryl P. Gloger (16)
  • Captain for a Week, Star Trek story starring an original character named Karl, by Bernadette Krebs (21)
  • Alien Fantasy, part two, a Fantasy Island/original science fiction story by Mary Ann Kennedy (33)
  • Quest for Middle-Earth, part two, article by Peggy Berardi (57)
  • Yandigo, poem about elves by Eleana Galayani (60)
  • Dungeon's Dread, Dungeons and Dragons poem by Peggy Berardi (64)
  • Armageddon, sword and sorcery poem by Linda Bartlett (64)
  • A Room on Level Three, poem by Linda Bartlett (65)
  • Trapped, poem by Linda Bartlett (65)
  • From The Current Middle Ages, a new column about "Mediaevalry" and SCA by Saradwen Ariandalen, O.W. (66)
  • The New Generation, a Darkover story by Cheryl P. Gloger (68)
  • Home, poem by Denia Janson (7)
  • Darkover Lament, poem by Peggy Berardi (98)
  • Dragonchild, fiction based on Pern by Cheryl P. Gloger (99)


  1. from an LoC in issue #3, written by one of the contributors of issue #2