Best Mate

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Name: Best Mate
Date(s): 28 February 2005 - 2008 (?)
Founder: Calliope, Tarie, Jen (legomymalfoy)
Type: Harry/Ron fanfiction
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: via Wayback Machine
Home page featuring art by __hibiscus; as archived 16 April 2005
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Best Mate was a Harry/Ron archive founded in 2005 by Calliope, Jen, and Tarie.[1] Best Mate accepted fanfiction of all ratings that involved the Harry Potter/Ron Weasley pairing, including threesomes involving Harry and Ron.

All fics must feature some aspect of the Harry/Ron relationship. It may be unrequited, though we ask that you clearly label it as such. We do not require that all fics end 'happily ever after' with the two of them together, but we do expect a considerable amount of time to be spent on some aspect of their relationship. A fifteen chapter story, for example, cannot have one chapter devoted to Harry/Ron and then fourteen chapters of Harry/Draco relationship. If in doubt about the focus of your fic, please contact a mod. Fiction that is written solely for shock value is unacceptable. Fiction containing rape or violence should be marked with the appropriate ratings and warnings.

If your fic contains Harry and Ron in a threesome relationship with another character (for example, including but not limited to Harry/Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ron/Draco) then it must be placed in the 'Harry/Ron/Other' category. Please note that the story must include considerable Harry/Ron involvement. For example, a fic where Harry and Ron have an arrangement to 'share' Hermione, but there is no romantic involvement between Harry and Ron, would not be acceptable.[2]


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