Beneath the Skin

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Title: Beneath the Skin
Author(s): Lamardeuse
Date(s): 2005
Length: 15,563 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
External Links: was online here archived here

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Beneath the Skin is a Starsky/Hutch story by Lamardeuse.

Reactions and Reviews

Hutch's investigation of a difficult case forces him to confront his greatest fear. Lamardeuse is a wonderful writer and crafts such deep, intense stories. Here we have a poor, sweet, fucked-up Hutch and luckily for him Starsky is there to catch him before he really crashes and burns. There are some insanely powerful scenes here, such as when Hutch loses it in the strip mall and near the end when Starsky is convincing Hutch to ask for what he wants. Wow. :D [1]


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