Bellarke Fanwork Awards

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Name: Bellarke Fanwork Awards
Date(s): 2017 - 2019
Frequency: Once
Format: Popular Vote
Type: fanfiction
Associated Community:
Fandom: The 100
URL: bellarkefanworkawards (2017 site)
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The Bellarke Fanwork Awards are awards for fanfiction, featuring The 100 pairing of Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin. The fanfiction is nominated by fans, and the winners are determined by online vote. The awards were created in response to cancellation of the Bellarke Fanfiction Awards in 2017.

I am pleased to introduce the 2017 Bellarke Fanwork Awards. I know that the Bellarke Fanfiction Awards being cancelled left a lot of people down, and I might be crazy for doing this alone, but I’m going to do it, if only because I know how much time and effort goes into creating fan works, and you all deserve to be recognized for that, fandom drama aside.[1]

The awards used the same categories as the Bellarke Fanfiction Awards, and permission was given to the moderator to hold new awards, although they had no connection to the previous group who had run the Bellarke Fanfiction Awards.



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