Bellarke Fanfiction Awards

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Name: Bellarke Fanfiction Awards
Date(s): 2015, 2016
Frequency: Annual
Format: Popular vote
Type: fanfiction
Associated Community:
Fandom: The 100
URL: bellarkefanfictionawards; archive link
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Bellarke Fanfiction Awards were annual awards for fanfiction, featuring The 100 pairing of Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, better known as Bellarke. The fanfiction was nominated by fans, and the winners were determined by online vote.

The awards were cancelled in 2017 after some fandom unpleasantness, as described in an August 2017 post:

There has been a lot of chaotic energy surrounding certain factions of the fandom. There has also been, from what it looks like on our end, some manipulation of nominations. There has been actions taken that have made all of us feel like these awards aren’t even about having fun anymore. We feel like we’re being pushed into a corner, with people waiting for us to misstep, misspeak, make mistakes and use that as leverage.

This event was created out of love. We wanted to bring something positive to the fandom. And slowly and tragically it has become something the complete opposite.

We are humans, not robots. We are entitled to our own opinions and beliefs and after running this blog for 3 years, we can proudly say we have done our absolute best to keep this blog as unbiased as possible. However, it’s become nearly impossible for our team to function because we cannot even use our private twitter accounts to express ourselves.[1]

In response to the cancellation the Bellarke Fanwork Awards were created.



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