Bed of Lies

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Title: Bed of Lies
Author(s): Brittney
Date(s): 2002-2003
Length: 31 chapters
Genre: het romance
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: Bed of Lies and Happily Ever After Doesn't Exist

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Bed of Lies and its sequel Happily Ever After Doesn't Exist are Hanson fanfics by Brittney. They were written in 2002 and 2003. Brittney maintained a Yahoo Group to update her readers on new chapters of the stories. As of December 2019, the group had 91 members.[1]

These stories were amongst the first to be inspired by Taylor's shotgun wedding, although they feature an original female character in a slightly different situation in place of his real wife. In the stories, Taylor and Eden marry after a one night stand that leads to her pregnancy. Over time, they do develop a real relationship, one which is tested by multiple stalkings and attacks.

Reactions and Reviews

Before reading the story, I did wonder why Brittney couldn’t have just used Taylor’s real life. It’s similar enough and provides plenty of room for speculation. However, the twist here is in the details—the mysterious stalker, Taylor’s bad attitude, and more. These details really make the story come to life, and I don’t think a story from Natalie’s point of view would have the same nuance or provide the same room for creativity.

At times, I had trouble with Eden’s reactions to some of Taylor’s behavior and how their relationship progressed and grew. As an author, I know how difficult it is to write a burgeoning relationship when one character hardly seems to have any redeeming qualities. It takes finesse, and as the story progresses, I think Brittney comes to nail it. When the story begins, Eden is only 18 and she’s forced to grow up a lot; her narrative voice is somewhat childish, but she is hardly more than a child.[2]

In reading Bed of Lies I found that Brittney’s story seemed to fall under a few typical cliches like having a parent who was a jerk and having a Hanson be a jerk too and while I found her main character Eden a bit Mary-Sueish I kind of liked her in a way. Mainly because she felt like she was believable for an eighteen year old trust into the life was given by fate.

I also liked Taylor even if he could be an ass at times, like when he hit Eden twice, both times during her pregnancy. I’m firm in my stances that you should never hit a woman, especially a pregnant woman and so that kind of ruined my perception of this Taylor just a bit as did his ever changing moods. He isn’t the best fanfic Taylor around but when he has his cute moments though he really has his cute moments.[3]

Not how one usually envisions Taylor Hanson. It was an interesting concept and I enjoyed her style of writing. Not too many people can carry a plot from the "I" perspective. Go read it![4]


Bed of Lies (and its sequel) won awards in the Broken Angel Awards, Hanfic Pullitzers, Nickel Dime Awards, Reckless Abandon Awards, TP Hanfic Awards and Unpredictable Hanfic Awards. It is featured in the hall of fame.