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Name: Bay City Library
Date(s): created in November 2002, active until around 2010
Moderator: Wolfpup
Founder: see below
Type: fiction archive and index
Fandom: Starsky and Hutch
URL: Bay City Library, Archived version
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Bay City Library is a gen Starsky and Hutch fiction archive and index. While some fiction is archived there, it is primarily a source of links for fiction posted elsewhere.


The Bay City Library concept was conceived by Teej and Dee and was patterned off the Cascade Library in the The Sentinel fandom. The page created (with much, much assistance from Paula) and maintained by wolfpup.

From the site owner, Wolfpup: "The purpose of the Bay City Library is to provide links to all gen S&H fanfic that is available via the internet. Although the BCL will take in 'orphan' writers, its function is not as an archive for fanfiction. There are several wonderful sites out there that will house fiction if asked. Check the links page for a list of fanfic sites. We are currently seeking permission from writers and website owners to link to the stories that are available online."[1]

The website also has a series of "Featured Author" interviews. See Bay City Library Interview Series.

As of its last update, the site had indexed 3855 stories by 249 writers, 602 poems by 40 poets, and 213 artworks by 10 artists.

Bay City Library was the host and moderator for the annual Torino Awards.

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