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Recommendation Website
Name: Bards to Look Out For
Reccer(s): jtd
Dates: 1999[1] - 2008
Focus: Alt, het
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess, Star Trek: Voyager
URL: (Wayback)
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Bards to Look Out For is jtd's Xena: Warrior Princess recommendation site. It was renamed Bards, Books & Reviews in order to better accomodate new reviews. To make updating easier, jtd rearranged the page so that it includes links to subpages for a number of different genres - Xena and Voyager fanfic as well as book reviews.[2] All recommendations on their respective fandom pages are sorted by author.

The page is subtext friendly and a member of the Merpup WebRing.

From Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews: "Features a listing of selected bards with reviews of favorite stories, online bibliographies, excerpts from stories and links to related sites."[3]

Bards To Look Out For.png

The Bards to Look Out For version of the site featured the following bards:

Where available, the bard pages link to interviews hosted on other sites.

While the recs in the Xena section are all X/G or uber, the Voyager section includes het recs as well.

I need to explain a bit of my policy with the Voyager stories, I think.
I do not discriminate. I love the B'Elanna / Paris pairing as much as the Janeway / Seven one. That means that the dedicated reader will find "straight" as well as "alternative" stories reviewed here. I will not assume that just because a story has an "alt" pairing in it, it should automatically get an NC-17 slapped onto it. Love is love is love. Alright?
To that end, stories that find two characters in bed together, or at least sizzlingly in love with each other, separate the characters with a slash, like this Janeway / Seven. Stories that revolve around two characters who do not have sex or the hots for each other separate the characters by a comma like this Janeway, Chakotay. As always, the lines are blurring, but after all, you gotta read those stories yourselves, anyway. ;-)
I marked stories that I particularly like with a star.[4]

Bards to Look Out For aka Bards, Books & Reviews went offline at the end of 2008.


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