Bane of All Mankind

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Title: Bane of All Mankind
Author(s): Danvers
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
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Bane of All Mankind is a slash Stargate SG-1 story by Danvers.

Reactions and Reviews

I read this fic on, but the writer's got a site as well on

It's called Bane Of All Mankind and it's an NC-17 Jack/Daniel fic.

I've been reading it for yonks but she still hasn't finished it (it's about ten chapters long already).

Basically on this mission Daniel gets kidnapped by this really sexy Goa'uld who wants him. Sexual danger is what someone wrote in their review on It's pretty good. [1]
Everyone hotfoot it to either Area52 or Fanfic.Net and look up a fic called Bane of All Mankind by DANVERS.

It is a lengthy (currently 744K+) WIP at 11 chapters so far. And the men in it are MEN!

No feebly, girly Daniel here.

It starts off a bit woodenly, but by 3/4 of the way through chapter 1 it starts to get good. Its a Daniel-gets-kidnapped Fic, but its well done.

There are two OMCs from SG2 - a Colonel and a scholar who have so much UST that they're almost as hot as Jack and Daniel. There's a villanous Super-Gould who is more powerful than all the System Lords put together- kinda the God of Gods- and he's all handsome, big, butch and into wearing a lot of black. Guess who he develops the hots for?  :)

There's mind games, Tok'ra deviousness, a Sam/Teal'c pairing. In this fic, Jack and Daniel have been involved for a couple of months. Jack is a smart ass - not as well drawn as someone like Biblio can do him, but not bad. Daniel IS well drawn. Strong, male, smart.

I read Yinka's glowing review yesterday and have just finished reading the whole thing at It was fantastic. I've never seen Daniel portrayed in such a positive way. He is very male without being macho and he is very Daniel. I also liked Jack. He is a smart-ass but it seems toned down since I suppose he's more concerned with trying to find the love of his life. This story also made Teal'c and Sam look like a very realistic couple. And there is so much stuff going on. And the best is not even J/D. It's the bad guy. He is just ravishing. I also happened to read Bane of all Mankind - The Conclusion. It's also at It's a great read but it's been posted as a separate story. But definitely read it once you've read the previous 12 (long long long) chapters. I haven't enjoyed an SG-1 fic this much for ages. Great rec Yinka. Thanks. [3]


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