Bahorel's Laughing Mistress

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Relationships: Bahorel
Fandom: Les Misérables
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Bahorel's Laughing Mistress is a character in Les Misérables.

Example Fanworks

Canon Era

  • Rational Fellowship by AMarguerite. Musichetta succumbs to the Romantic impulse, or, at the very least, nineteenth century French socialism. Featuring Bahorel's laughing mistress and more sneaky allusions to Wollstonecraft than ought to be allowed. (Feb 2013)
  • Your Wildly Devoted Joly (and also Legle de Meaux) by tritonvert. And where do you stand in your entanglement with Monsieur Joly? 1827 ticks over to 1828, everyone is very young, and it is entirely a story about relationships. Feat. Bahorel's Laughing Mistress. (Dec 2013)

Modern Era

Other Eras

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