BLURB: Recommendations of Xenaverse Fan Fiction

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Recommendation Website
Name: BLURB: Recommendations of Xenaverse Fan Fiction
Reccer(s): several
Dates: founded August 1999 [1] - 2003 (last update)
Focus: Alt and Gen
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: (Wayback) (Wayback)

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BLURB: Recommendations of Xenaverse Fan Fiction is a Xena: Warrior Princess recommendation site. The reviews are alphabetically sorted by stories and bards and there are separate sections for Classic, Conqueror, Mel and Janice, Uber, Warlord and Other. The page has an associated eGroups update list.[2]

From the FAQs:

What's the purpose of this site?
Filling a niche......
We're the middle ground between a One-Reviewer System and a Public Reviewing System, both of which already exist. Lunacy has been reviewing fan fiction pretty much single-handedly since the beginning of Xena Fan Fiction on the Web. Tragedy 88's Reviews are set up to allow anyone the opportunity to review a story (public reviews). We strongly encourage you to visit these sites as well. You can find the URLs of both these sites in our Links section.
We have many writers as reviewers, and this may be our most distinctive characteristic as a review site. Does a writer make a better reviewer? No. Nothing, per se, makes one reviewer better than another. And that's the point, after all. What makes a reviewer interesting is how they differ from another reviewer, and therefore, how they will see a story differently. In this respect, we find having writers as reviewers interesting.[3]

From Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews: "The site features reviews by Xenaverse bards. There's a permanent staff of reviewers as well as a growing number of associate reviewers. Reviews are organized by title, author and a number of category indexes."[4]

The page was a member of the Xena Web Ring.


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