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Name: Auron
Occupation: Guardian (FFX), Mercenary (KH2)
Relationships: Yuna (friend), Tidus (friend), Wakka (friend), Lulu (friend), Kimahri (friend), Rikku (friend), Jecht (friend), Braska (friend), Cid (acquaintance), Brother (acquaintance), Seymour (enemy), Sora (acquaintance), Donald Duck (acquaintance), Goofy (acquaintance), Hades (enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts
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Auron is a main character in the Squaresoft video game Final Fantasy X, and a supporting character in the Square Enix/Disney video game, Kingdom Hearts II.



Auron is well-liked by the Final Fantasy X fandom, and by the Final Fantasy fandom in general. While some American fans are put off by Tidus' open displays of emotion, Auron seems to be universally appreciated for his stoicism, steadfast resolve, mysteriousness, experience as a warrior, and overall aesthetic.

In a 2010 Famitsu poll, Auron was voted readers' thirty-third favorite video game character of all time.[1] In a 2020 NHK poll, Auron was voted as the 15th most popular character in the entire Final Fantasy franchise.[2][3]

Because Auron’s mouth is obscured by his outfit, it is widely believed that his English voice actor was not constrained by lip synchronization in his performance as his fellow voice actors were. Thus, Auron’s voice acting may be exempt from fans' common criticisms of the voice acting in Final Fantasy X’s English dub.


Auron has no known romantic love interests in canon.

Because Auron rejected an arranged marriage with a woman, and devoted his life and afterlife to Braska and later Jecht, some fans headcanon him as having been in love with Braska and/or Jecht.


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To date, Auron remains the only Final Fantasy character who can be used as one of Sora's active party members in Kingdom Hearts II. (accurate as of June 2016)