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Moresome · Ship · Pairing
Relationship: Ariadne/Arthur/Eames
Alternative name(s): A/A/E
Gender category: threesome, m/m/f
Fandom: Inception
Canonical?: No (teammates in canon)
Prevalence: Most popular threesome
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Ariadne/Arthur/Eames is the non-canonical relationship between Ariadne, Arthur, and Eames in the Inception fandom.


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Ariadne/Arthur/Eames is by far the most popular Inception threesome, likely because it combines Arthur/Eames (the fandom's juggernaut ship) and Ariadne/Arthur (the second-largest pairing overall).

Common Tropes & Fanon

  • Post Canon - Because we see Ariadne's introduction to Arthur & Eames in the movie (and thus pre-canon fic has to be AU), most Ariadne/Arthur/Eames works take place directly post-canon.
  • Hurt/Comfort - Many fanworks explore the characters dealing with the negative effects of working in dreamshare.
    • Some focus on Ariadne's sudden transition from an architecture grad student to an international criminal at risk of being shot and killed.
    • Some explore the possibility that long-term somnacin use suppresses natural dreams and/or causes nightmares.
  • Mentor Fic - Building on Ariadne's interactions with both Arthur and Eames in the movies, many fanworks show the men continuing to mentor Ariadne after the Inception job.

Example Fanworks

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