Archon (Star Trek con held in the U.K.)

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Name: Archon
Dates: August 26–29, 1994
Location: Heathrow, Edwardian Hotel, the UK
Focus: Star Trek
Founder: Tom Paterson?
Founding Date:
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Archon was held August 26–29, 1994 at the Heathrow, Edwardian Hotel.

Guests: Patrick Stewart, William Campbell, Richard Arnold, Chas Evans, Terry Shuttleworth, Mark Ryan, Lee Sullivan, Arthur C. Clarke, Dave Prowse, Matt Irvine, Steve Wilson.

It was the 38th British Star Trek convention.

Reactions and Reviews

At the moment, I'm still recovering from my weekend spent at Archon. It was one of the best conventions I have been to. The hotel was more than comfortable and although there were a few problems, mainly with the cheap food laid on for the con, the staff were marvellous and did everything they could to rectify the situation. The Archon committee did a wonderful job and the con ran only about half an hour late most of the time. They certainly pulled off a coup with the guests. It was unbelievable; we had Patrick Stewart, Arthur C. Clarke, Dave Prowse, William Campbell and Jon Pertwee all together in the same room, giving their own talks and then sitting down to listen to each other. It was sheer magic. There was so much to see and do that it would have been helpful if I could have split myself into four. As that wasn't possible, I missed all the talks concerning the space programme as well as some of the episodes I had wanted to see. I am sure that everyone else had the same problem. The casino evening was an inspiration. The gambling tables were open for about three hours after the fancy dress parade. All the money spent on the chips went to charity and the person who had the most chips when the tables closed won the prize, a private showing for himself and 29 friends of the Next Gen film, a few days before it opens to the public. Not bad eh?! Everyone had a wonderful evening and it was over all too soon but the disco was still going strong when the tables closed at midnight and it seemed as though most people ended up dancing the rest of the night away. It really was a fabulous weekend and, like all good cons, seemed to end far too soon.[1]


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