Ao no Kiseki

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Title: Ao no Kiseki (蒼の軌跡)
Circle: FASS [1]
Doujinka: Sumachi (すまちー), Kenta Mizuhara (水原けんた), Saeko Sakurai (桜井サエコ), shima, Takaki Miyake (三宅タカキ), Yuki Popona (ポポナ由貴), Rinpei Narushige (平林林平)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 11 February 2003
Type: manga
Size: B5, 56 pages
Language: Japanese
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Ao no Kiseki (蒼の軌跡) is a Harry Potter doujinshi anthology featuring "parent generation" (Marauders Era) stories. It is subtitled Oya Sedai Chuushin Anthology (親世代中心アンソロジー, "Parent Generation-Centered Anthology"). It contains Sirius x Remus.[2] This doujinshi is in the same series as Yume no Ashioto.

Doujinka whose work appears in the book include Sumachi of Ringo Hoppe, who illustrated the front cover as well manga inside, as well as Kenta Mizuhara of JC, Saeko Sakurai of NICA POCA, Takaki Miyake of E.A., shima of Nekogami-Dou, Yuki Popona of animalBook, and Rinpei Narushige of Sarasa (サラサ)/ARCO IRIS. Rinpei Narushige also provided a color illustration for the book.


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