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Name: Anthea
Occupation: Personal assistant
Relationships: Mycroft Holmes (employer)
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Other: played by Lisa McAllister
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Anthea (also referred to as Not!Anthea or "Anthea") is the personal assistant of Mycroft Holmes. She appears in the first episode of BBC Sherlock.

Canon and Fanon

There is limited canon on Anthea; the few observable facts have been expanded upon in many elaborate fanon theories.

Her Name

Her name might not actually be Anthea; she tells John Watson that it is, but when he says "Really?" she says "...No." One fanon theory based on this exchange is that Anthea changes her name according to her mood, or for security reasons related to her work. Another theory is that Anthea is secretly some other character, such as Mary Morstan or Irene Adler, or even a missing Holmes sibling.


When Anthea encounters John for the second time, he again attempts to engage her in conversation. She stares at him blankly until he is forced to remind her of his name and that they met a few hours ago. Since no woman could possibly be so immune to John Watson's charms, the fanon theory arose that Anthea has prosopagnosia, or the inability to recognize faces.


Fanon generally paints Anthea as a massively intimidating BAMF whose job duties include espionage, personally overseeing anti-terrorist black ops, and being Mycroft's personal security and bodyguard.

The Blackberry

Anthea is constantly typing on her Blackberry phone while in the car with John. In fanon she has an epic Blackberry addiction and is glued to it 24/7. While appearing to be absorbed in her Blackberry, depending on what kind of fanfic you are reading, she is either doing something vitally important to national security, something silly like playing Angry Birds or trolling Sherlock's blog, or else compulsively sexting her lover.


Anthea is occasionally a yenta in Mycroft/Lestrade stories, working to get her boss together with his secret crush. Sometimes she and Mycroft plot together in order to hook up John and Sherlock.


  • Yes by thistle_kisses (Anthea meets Mycroft and comes to work for him)
  • Semper Semper Anthea by Roo (Another "Anthea meets Mycroft and comes to work for him" fic)
  • Fanart: Exo-Politics by ViaEstelar



Anthea is usually paired with Mycroft.


She is also something of a femslash Little Black Dress, and has been paired with almost every other female character who has appeared so far.


Anthea is occasionally paired with John.