Annalise Keating/Eve Rothlo

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Pairing: Annalise Keating/Eve Rothlo
Alternative name(s): Evalise, Annaeve, Annaleve
Gender category: F/F
Fandom: How to Get Away With Murder
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Common for femslash
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Annalise/Eve, sometimes called Evalise, is the canon pairing of Annalise Keating and Eve Rothlo on How to Get Away With Murder. Annalise and Eve share a complicated relationship in canon; Eve is an old flame still in love with Annalise, and Annalise struggles with her own relationships on many levels.

At one point, Frank Delfino says: "I always thought you two were endgame."[1]

Appeal and Fan Reception

In an article at Autostraddle, Natalie describes Annalise/Eve as her first ship, due to the desire to give Annalise a happy ending, and the chemistry between the couple.

"So, of course, I start shipping Annalise with Eve: Annalise feels like a part of me and I want to see her with the only person in her world that makes her face genuinely light up. I want to see her with the person who loves and accepts her, flaws and all. Also? Eve is Famke Janssen; she’s one of the X-Men. Of course, I want Annalise with a superhero."[1]
"But once Eve knows — once she knows that their love wasn’t something that she’d imagined — their relationship settles into a comfortable unease. Eve wants more, that’s always obvious, but she never asks for more than Annalise is capable of giving. They have fun together. They dance. They have sex. The space between them is the only place where Annalise doesn’t fear judgment. Eve sees Annalise’s beauty and her bruises and never turns away… that is, until Annalise asks her to."[1]

phillybaby20 describes the appeal of Annaeve in a Tumblr post:

"I feel Annalise and Eve so much. I didn’t even know I needed them until they happened. Their dynamic is the most unique I’ve seen on any show. There’s this passion that you feel when they are on screen together. Viola and Famke have a chemistry that you can’t fabricate. It’s intensely real and I really can’t get enough of them."[2]

Example Fanworks

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