Annalise Keating

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Name: Annalise Keating
Occupation: Lawyer, Professor
Relationships: Sam Keating (husband)
Nate Lahey (lover)
Wes Gibbins, Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone, Laurel Castillo (students)
Bonnie Winterbottom (Co-worker, confidant)
Frank Delfino (employee)
Eve Rothlo (ex-girlfriend)
Fandom: How to Get Away With Murder
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Annalise Keating is the protagonist of How to Get Away With Murder. She is initially seen as a powerful and fearsome woman, who approaches life in a cold and calculating manner. When she tests her Criminal Law 101 students to find the best ones to work at her firm, it becomes evident that she holds a soft spot for Wes Gibbins, which causes the rest of the Keating 5 to speculate whether she is related to him.

As the story progresses, the viewers become aware that her life isn't as perfect as it appears to be.

Fan Reception

Some fans praise How to Get Away With Murder for portraying Annalise Keating as a complex, multi-faceted woman in a way that few black women are portrayed on screen. As Natalie writes for Autostraddle:

"Four episodes into How to Get Away With Murder‘s inaugural season is the first time it happens. Annalise Keating sits down at her vanity, in her dimly lit bedroom, and takes off her armor: first, her jewelry, then her wig and followed by her eyelashes. She scrubs her face of every trace of makeup and comes face-to-face with her own reflection. Her armor gone, she’s as vulnerable as we’ve seen her. Without uttering a single word, Viola Davis changes our view of Annalise Keating, from this force to nature to a human being, susceptible to all the pain the world dishes out.

It’s the moment I knew for sure that Annalise Keating would be different, that How to Get Away With Murder would be different. I took it as a sign that HTGAWM would allow us to see black womanhood in a way we never have before. [1]

Fannish reception towards the portrayal of Annalise's sexual orientation has been mixed. Although Annalise has had relationships with both women and men, she does not refer to herself as bisexual, leading some to discuss erasure of bisexual identity.



Annalise is often shipped with other women, notably Bonnie Winterbottom and Eve Rothlo. Het and gen fics are also very common.



Example Fanworks

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