Anidala Week

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Name: Anidala Week
Date(s): 2014 - present
Moderator(s): anidalafeelss, aryainwinterfell, captnswan, estrangedlestrange, padmaynaberrie, shorelle
Type: fanfiction, fan vids, gif sets, fan edits
Fandom: Star Wars
Associated Community:
URL: anidalaweek
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Anidala Week is a fanweek, prompt based challenge dedicated to Anakin/Amidala. Multiple types of fanworks were accepted. It's been held 4th May - 10th May since 2014.


This is one week set apart from the rest of the year that will be entirely dedicated to Padme and Anakin, in the form of — ART! If you’re interested in participating, let’s delve into this, shall we? Calling all shippers, you are invited to show your love for this pairing using any artistic expression of your choice, be that; drawings, edits, videos, gifs, literature etc. Be creative, and take your muse wherever it leads you! This is not a contest of skill, but an event to showcase our appreciation for literally how much we cannot contain our love for this couple (it’s not something to be suppressed, believe us!) What will happen is between the dates of May 4th to May 10th (2018) there will be a theme idea posted each day. We hope everyone participates and has a wonderful time celebrating this beautiful, underrated couple.



Anidala Week 2014 prompt list illustration by shorelle[1]

Prompt list.

  • Day 1: Stars
  • Day 2: Reunion
  • Day 3: Shadows
  • Day 4: Childhood
  • Day 5: Festival
  • Day 6: Family
  • Day 7: Alternate Universe


  • Day 1: Happiness
  • Day 2: Secrets
  • Day 3: Force Ghost
  • Day 4: Sadness
  • Day 5: Fairy-Tales
  • Day 6: Gender Swap
  • Day 7: Free For All


There wasn't an Anidala Week in 2016.


  • Day 1: Happy Skywalker family AU
  • Day 2: Favorite Anidala scene
  • Day 3: Modern AU
  • Day 4: Favorite Anidala quote
  • Day 5: Song inspired
  • Day 6: Favorite Anidala kiss
  • Day 7: Free day


  • Day 1: Canon Divergence or Favorite Scene
  • Day 2: Historical AU or Favorite Location
  • Day 3: Role Reversal AU or Favorite Canon Tropes
  • Day 4: Anidala + Twins AU or Favorite Quote
  • Day 5: Time Travel AU or Favorite Canon Work
  • Day 6: Set in an Alternate Fandom or Favorite Touches
  • Day 7: Free Day


  • Day 1 - May 4th: Adventure or Favorite Canon Work
  • Day 2 - May 5th: Humor or Favorite Quote
  • Day 3 - May 6th: Hurt/Comfort or Favorite Trope
  • Day 4 - May 7th: Mystery or Favorite Head Canon
  • Day 5 - May 8th: Angst or Favorite AU
  • Day 6 - May 9th: Family or Actor Appreciation
  • Day 7 - May 10th: Free Day


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