Angie (Terminator/Battlestar Galactica vid)

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Title: Angie
Creator: chaila43
Date: April 2011
Format: DivX .avi
Length: 2:58 minutes
Music: "Angie" by Tori Amos
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles/Battlestar Galactica (2003)
URL: vid announcement

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Angie is a Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles/Battlestar Galactica (2003) crossover fanvid by chaila. On October 22, 2001 the vidder offered extended vid commentary at the vid commentary LJ community. The vid premiered at the Vidukon 2011 femmeslash vidshow.

Vidder's Summary: "You can't say we never tried."

Vidder's notes: "Generally, this is a vid about how similar and different Jesse and Caprica are, how tragic Jesse/Riley and Caprica/Boomer are, how much they all wanted to change the whole damn world and how much they lost. But it's also basically a feast of visual parallels and parallel motion, and how these two stories from different shows are kind of exactly the same, narratively and visually."


  • "This is lovely. A very atmospheric and compelling look at these women and their relationships born from their various, conflicting and/or aligning, struggles. I like it! ~ [1]
  • "Oh my, how beautiful and painful. The flow of images is astonishing and vertiginous."[2]
  • "It really is astonishing how these storylines are on THE SAME SHOW. And you do a gorgeous job of showing it. As always you catch such tiny, compelling moments of reflected action alongside the larger, more obvious parallels. There are so many moments of total beauty and/or devastation. Hands reaching out mixed with blood - the slow shot near the opener or Riley's hopeful face, looking up at Jesse, slowly melting into that iconic BSG shot of nuclear apocalypse. There is so much similar about these storylines, even as they're different. They add nuance to each other, I think. Not that she ever needed it to catch either of our sympathies, I know, but I think contrasting Jesse and Caprica does interesting things in terms of remotely highlighting the parts of Jesse that are just desperately trying to fix things even if it turns violent in the process. Similarly, for Caprica, the brutal, tragic truth of her revolution - both of them - is brought to bear in Jesse's desperation. It's interesting that while both women are shown by their respective shows to be complex, not morally simple figures, and neither is made overly heroic or villainous (although obviously BSG really dropped the ball on Caprica's development at certain points), Jesse is generally played as an antagonist in terms of her role in the plot, while Caprica is a protagonist, even though what Caprica did was far, far worse than anything Jesse ever did. In sum: OH GIRLS. THIS VIDEO IS BEAUTIFUL."[3]
  • "In watching the vid, all this comes across in such an immediate and intuitive way, so it's really a pleasure to have it untangled at such length in words. You make the visual parallels very clear, but I hadn't at all thought through the narrative contexts of these images and how the characters' missions and stories resonate. I love the idea of the two operating "in relief"—the human waging war with robots and the robot trying to make peace with humans, both in vain. And I especially appreciated the parts about touching, although I must say that you're an awfully cerebral femslasher (LOL). I want more about their sexytiems! But this piece is really "chewy" and made me understand and adore the vid even more. Worth the wait!"[4]


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