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Title: Angel
Creator: Mary McDonough
Date: 1999 or earlier
Format: digital, Realtime Player
Length: 4:31m
Music: Sarah McLachlan
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: archived vidder's web page; uploaded to Youtube in 2015

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Angel is an early Xena vid by Mary McDonough.

Reactions and Reviews

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In 2015, the vid was reposted by Lesbian Lips to YouTube:
"Hemos querido recuperar algunos de los vídeos famosos de esa época de máxima ebullición creativa de la serie Xena Warrior Princess.

Este vídeo es uno de esos fanvids que enseguida corren como la pólvora, incluso en al época que tener vídeos en Internet era un suplicio. ¡Todo un clásico!.

Realizado por Mary McDonough, probablemente en 1999.

Dedicado a todas las guerreras y bardos, a esas Xenites que se les cae la lagrimita viendo este vídeo ;-D"

On The Difficulties of Sharing Fanvids in the Late 1990s

In June 1999, fans discussed their difficulties of downloading the 7MB video file in[1]

"There is a wonderful Xena music video at Eventhough the website is by a Ted Raimi fan, the video is strictly Xena and Gabrielle. It's called "Angel" for the Sarah McClachlan song from City of Angels. It's really beautiful! Go check it out you won't be disappointed."
"I went to the site and downloaded the music video. It took over 45 min.

using a 56k modem. Then RealAudio started up and attempted to play the vid. but it was so broken up and garbled that I stopped the playing. Now when I select that file on RealAudio (6.0.3) it starts to buffer and gets about 18 seconds into it before it fails with a "net congestion" message. Is there a way to download and save the video so you can play

it all at once or does it have to be "live" every time?"
"I think that if you right-click the link instead of left-click, you will get the opportunity to "save link as..." (or whatever your

non-Netscape version of that is), and then you can d/l it to your hard drive. You can then open the file with Real Player.

I am going to try this tonight. When I opened the link to play it, RealPlayer crashed after I got it all downloaded. But I have an ancient PC."
"I downloaded it using the method decribed below with no problem -- except that it took over 40 minutes to download, but I can live with that. It was worth it."


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