And – Kiss Me

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Title: And – Kiss Me
Creator: obsessive24
Date: Oct 2005
Format: MPEG2
Length: 3:48
Music: "Knife Prty" by Deftones
Fandom: Angel
URL: vid announcement
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And – Kiss Me is an Angel fan vid by obsessive24. It was reviewed by giandujakiss on November 15, 2006 at the reel.

Vidder's summary: "I'm the new king, I taste the queen." Wesley and Illyria in season 5 Angel.


  • "Loved the choice and use of the effects, and the fantastic way you played up the big crescendos in the music. Angel going out the window, Illyria in the middle of the room against Spike and Angel, and the cut from Fred going stiff to Wes's desk going to the window were some of my favorite sections." ~ vid feedback at the vid announcement.
  • "The vid is a retelling of the Wesley-Illyria story arc, beginning with Wesley’s romance with Fred, and stands out for its expert use of effects to shift the time frames and intersperse “remembered” events from the “current” storyline. However, because the vid does not attempt to explore the relationship much further than the way it is presented in the show itself, Angel fans may find the story to be familiar and unsurprising; nonfans, on the other hand, may find portions of the vid to be confusing." ~ feedback at the reel review.