Alliance (Buck Rogers zine)

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You may be looking for The Hawk Alliance, a Buck Rogers newsletter.

Title: Alliance
Publisher: The Hawk Alliance
Editor(s): Elaine Thomson
Date(s): 1982, 1983
Series?: no
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Buck Rogers
Language: English
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Alliance is a gen series of Buck Rogers zines that were published in the UK.

"'Alliance' is the zine of 'The Hawk Alliance', a contact group for Hawk/Buck Rogers fans."

Issue 1

Alliance 1 was published in 1982 and contains 62 pages, photocopied and stapled.

cover of issue #1, Mark Francis

The art is by Jacki Brown, Elaine Thomson, and Mark Francis.

  • A Dedication to Thom by Patricia Mee (inside front cover)
  • The Awakening, poem by Debbie Churm (1)
  • The Flight, story by Elaine Thomson (2)
  • Second Chance, story by Jacki Brown (6)
  • Reflections of Infinite Sadness, poem by Chrissie Farr (42)
  • Speculation by Elaine Thomson (43)
  • Hawksflight by Elaine Thomson (45)
  • Secret Royalty by Ruth Wonshona Pettipher (46)
  • A Final Farewell, art by Debbie Churm (52)

Issue 2

Alliance 2 was published in August 1983 and contains 80 pages, photocopied and stapled. It is printed on blue paper.

front cover of issue #2
back cover of issue #2

The art is by Robert Daws and Sandie Stronach.

"SPECIAL THANKS: To the office photocopier, without whose unfailing stamina this zine would never have been possible!"

  • Ballad for Koori by Kelly Mitchell (1)
  • Memories of Another Time by Susan Winn (2)
  • Wanderer by Bethanne (6)
  • Never Too Late by Lorraine Goodison (7)
  • Song of a Warrior's Heart by Lorraine Goodison (15)
  • The Price of Error by Sandie Stronach (16)