The Hawk Alliance (Buck Rogers fan club)

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Fan Club
Name: The Hawk Alliance
Dates: 1981 to at least 1983
Founder(s): Rusty (Pat) Barnes
Country based in: Aldershot, Hants, UK
Focus: Buck Rogers
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The Hawk Alliance was a Buck Rogers "fan contact group" based in the UK.

It had two publications: Alliance, a fiction club zine and The Hawk Alliance, a newsletter.

Fan Campaign

The club was also active in promoting the show in the UK and elsewhere.

From a 1981 flyer:


Many people thought that the best thing to happen to the TV Series "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" was the introduction of the character HAWK, played by Thom Christopher. The cancellation of the series meant the "grounding" of the HAWK, a superb character whom many of want to see more of. Thom Christoper said at Denvercon (July 3-5, 1981) that he would like to do a series based on HAWK if it were made for adults. And apparently Universal were (or are) looking into that possibility. So let's write to the studios and let them know just what a good idea we all think that is, and show them that Thom Christopher's HAWK has a following in the U.K., too! Send as many letters as you possibly can to all the addresses below: pass copies of this flyer round at club meetings and Conventions: send copies to n/l editors with a request for the salient points & addresses to be printed in all their n/l's (further copies of this flyer can be obtained, at no cost, from "The Hawk Alliance": address below)... in fact, publicise the campaign any way you can! Remember - THE TIME OF THE HAWK IS NOW!

Some Flyers