The Hawk Alliance (Buck Rogers newsletter)

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You may be looking for the fiction Buck Rogers zine called Alliance.

Title: The Hawk Alliance
Publisher: The Hawk Alliance, a fan club
Editor(s): Rusty (Pat) Barnes
Date(s): early to mid-1980s
Medium: print
Fandom: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, the actor Thom Christopher
Language: England
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The Hawk Alliance is a British Buck Rogers club zine.

cover of the December 1985 issue

The issues were printed mimeograph and stapled, about 20 pages long on A4 paper.

December 1985 Issue

This issue has some one-side pages, is 22 pages long and was published December 1985.

Excerpt from "A Kind of Dream":

As the three approached, the crowd parted for them to enter the place. A tall, grave, bearded man was seated in the straw beside an attractive, dark haired young woman. Beside her, wrapped in a blue shawl, was a small baby. The young woman looked up as Kirk approached and smiled at him. Kirk knelt on one knee and looked intently at the child. Behind him. Bones also had fallen to his knees and even Spock seemed to be aware of the atmosphere of something beyond the comprehension of all of them. Kirk smiled at the man and woman and reached out to touch the child's hand. The tiny fingers curled around his finger, he and Bones bowed their heads while Spock, unexpectedly, drew himself to his full height and executed an elaborate Vulcan salute. No-one moved for a long moment, then Kirk took from his bag he had with him, three objects wrapped in rich fabric and placed them on the straw in front of the child. He and Bones got to their feet and wordlessly the three left the stable and made their way out of the town.

The only words spoken were the order to beam up and the golden shimmer of transporting was observed by an open-mouthed shepherd boy who raced away to tell of the golden angels he had seen.

  • editorial by Rusty (Pat) Barnes (1)
  • Chrissie's Corner, editorial (2)
  • Ariel Combat, poem by Chrissie Chrzan (3)
  • page of ads for some fan clubs and stores (4)
  • final part of "Thom's Starcon Denver Talk," transcript (5)
  • Per Ardua Ad Astra, poem by Bethanne (12)
  • A Kind of Dream, fiction (Star Trek: TOS—Kirk, Spock, and McCoy end up in a time warp and find themselves running into some terrified shepherds, visit a stable on the night of the birth of Jesus Christ.) (13)
  • a long report by Steve Mathhewman of his trip to the United States, includes a visit with Richard Arnold "Star Trek Expert," touring Paramount studios sets (16)
  • a coloring page (22)