All About Spike Interview with Kimi

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Interviews by Fans
Title: All About Spike Interview with Kimi
Interviewee: Kimi
Date(s): between 2002-2006
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Angel and Buffy
External Links: full interview is here; reference link
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Kimi was interviewed for All About Spike.


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Some Excerpts

I can cut to the chase and begin writing. No establishing the characters, no filling in history. It's all there for us in canon. The only fanfic I write is Whedonverse though. It's a real job to access the memory file of seven seasons of Buffy.
I think the most interesting thing is the multi-facetedness (oooh, a Buffyism!) of Spike. At one time or another, he's been just about everything in the show's dynamic. Villain, clown, leading man, love interest, tortured soul... What's not to like about that? Of course, Buffy herself is just as much fun to write, for pretty much the same reasons.
Do your homework. Watch the show. All the shows. Get into the character's heads. Allow them to steer, because if you're truly doing good characterization, they have total control. All you can do is put them in the situation. Remember that the dynamic of the story is not about one character, but all of them. Spike plays off Xander, who plays off Willow, who plays off Buffy, who... you get it. It's not necessarily in that order. It depends on the situation. But they *all* make a story. They all affect each other. Buffy's responses to Spike are not just hers; they are influenced by the people around her. Only Spike, to an extent, functions on his own, since he is basically isolated as a character in most seasons.