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Name(s): Alien: Isolation, Isolation
Date(s): 2014
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Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror video game set in the Alien (film series) universe. The story follows the daughter of Ellen Ripley, Amanda Ripley to Sevastopol Station in order to find the flight recorder of her mother's ship, only to find the station has been overrun with Xenomorphs.


Alien: Isolation can be somewhat seen as a sub-fandom of Alien, as it is the only piece of Alien media aside from the films on and ArchiveOfOurOwn (aside from Aliens: Colonial Marines on AO3) with its own category. The shipping and general focus doesn't stray far from the Torrens crew seen at the beginning of the game, with Amanda/Samuels being the primary ship of the whole fandom.


Most fanfics in Isolation are either gen fics that follow the events of the game, or a fan's explanation of what happened before the events of the game. Others are of the shippy kind, many of which follow Amanda Ripley and android Christopher Samuels after Sevastopol. A relatively small number of fics are of the kink or Monster Fucking variety, pairing Amanda Ripley with a Xenomorph.


Lucid by TheatricaTheTaco on AO3. Unfinished work about Amanda's encounter with a friendly Working Joe.

Gone Viral by UnderTheFridge on AO3. Sickfic fluff about Amanda treating Samuels's android cold.

Evidence by UnderTheFridge on AO3. Series that crosses Isolation with the film Real Steel, about an android fighting ring.

Space Drama by UnderTheFridge on AO3. Ripley family drama where Ellen really does not approve of her daughter having an android boyfriend given her experience with Ash (Alien) on the Nostromo.

Robby by Annabel7 on AO3. Fluffy little piece where Amanda and Samuels have a kitten.

Burning Bridges by TheSailingRabbit on AO3. Details the fall of Sevastopol from the perspective of Jethro Waits.