Alice Jones/Drizella Tremaine

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Pairing: Alice Jones/Drizella Tremaine
Alternative name(s): RainyRook, RookRain, Wonder Ivy
Gender category: Femslash
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Relatively Rare
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RainyRook is the non-canonical femslash pairing of Alice Jones and Drizella Tremaine from the TV series Once Upon A Time.



RainyRook's popularity appears to have peaked relatively early on in S7, before it was known who else would be paired with Alice. Before the series started, it was announced that S7 would include an LGBTQ+ relationship, and in the fourth episode of the series, Alice was revealed to be one half of it. But the other character in the pairing wasn't revealed until the tenth episode. In the time between these episodes, Alice was mostly paired up with Drizella/Ivy.

After Robin's introduction, RainyRook was mostly overshadowed by Alice's canon relationship Curious Archer.


In the episode 'Pretty in Blue', Alice describes Drizella as a 'pretty sorceress' after meeting her, fueling the ship. Some fans headcanon they had some kind of sexual or romantic interaction during this first meeting.

A popular headcanon for RainyRook is that the 'ex-girlfriend' Tilly mentions in the episode 'Beauty' refers to Ivy. Others, however, disagree.[1] At the third Enchanted convention, this headcanon was brought up to Adelaide Kane, the actress who plays Drizella, who showed positivity towards the idea.

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