Aesthetic Alchemy

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Title: Aesthetic Alchemy
Podfic Artist(s): paraka
Cover Artist: none
Date(s): June 7, 2010
Length: 1:56:51
File: 160MB mp3; 112MB m4b
Based On: Aesthetic Alchemy
Author: cjmarlowe
Fandom: American Idol, CWRPF
External Links: On AO3

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Aesthetic Alchemy is a two-hour Adam Lambert/Misha Collins podfic by paraka. It is a podfic of the fanfic of the same name, written by cjmarlowe.

Summary: In which Adam is a struggling singer and Misha is an eccentric artist, and somehow it all just works.

This was recorded for the 2010 amplificathon challenge.

Recs and Reviews

  • "OK. So, I read the summary of this and a giant question mark appeared above my head. I mean, look at that again--Adam Lambert/Misha Collins. Ok. I'm over it. And you should get over it too, because, just like the summary says, "somehow it all just works". This one is read by paraka, too, and as usual, she does an incredible job with it. And the story….it's just….perfect. This strange melding of worlds with this sweet, growing understanding between two people who are inexplicably perfect for each other. "[1]


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