Adventures with Cora Mills

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Title: Adventures with Cora Mills
Author(s): WitchyLove14
Date(s): 21 Jan 2013 - present
Length: 196,253 words
Genre: crack, femslash
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
External Links: AO3 FFN

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Adventures with Cora Mills is a crack fanfiction written in the Once Upon a Time/Swan Queen fandom. It was first published in 2013.[1] It follows both the the lives of married couple Emma and Regina and the antics of Cora Mills, who is adjusting to technology and causing mischief in Storybrooke. In 2020 it was deleted off of AO3 for a Terms of Service violation and later reuploaded.[2] As it diverges from canon so much, it has developed its own following with fans making gifsets, photomanipulations, fanart and RP blogs in the AWCM universe. One of the latest updates, in 2020, is set during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Adventures with Cora Mills was being updated more frequently, fan favorite character Lexa from The 100 was killed off from the show, leading to several fix-it crossover chapters with Lexa/Clarke.



*THIS IS A RE-UPLOAD* A series of adventures with Cora. Regina and Emma are together and experience adventures with Cora, since she is new to this world, is amused and terrified of some things, and likes to cause trouble. Language. Talks of sexy times. Fluff. SwanQueen. Cora is the biggest SQ shipper ever. THIS IS A CRACK FIC.

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