About Time (Star Trek: TOS story by Lynn Shomei)

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You may be looking for the K/S story by JS Cavalcante called About Time.

K/S Fanfiction
Title: About Time
Author(s): Lynn Shomei
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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About Time is a Kirk/Spock story by Lynn Shomei.

It was published in the print zine Naked Times #17.


"Spock creates dreams for Kirk of their future lives together in order to overcome Kirkʼs reluctance to bond after he find out that he will be the submissive partner."

Reactions and Reviews

This is a Spock strongly tied to the ways of Vulcan dominance in sexual relationships. And while Kirk understands that valuable things might be learned in submissiveness- the relinquishment of false pride, trust in Spock, learning his own power, ultimately—he also has feelings about the relationship being unequal.

So Spock gives Kirk some dreams, seemingly so he can understand and feel reassured that they can have a sexual relationship that will satisfy both of them. But I didn't exactly understand the connections expressed through the dreams on a gut level myself. So the main theme, if the author had intended one, was lost on me.

But there were a number of things I liked throughout the story. One thing was in the dream of Kirk and Spock at home on Vulcan with their three children, raised by Amanda. What amused me was about Kirk being Dad, and Spock being Father, the subtleties suggested by those roles.

I liked the things that came up about Kirk finding that he likes being submissive to Spock's dominance prefers it in fact—and is disturbed by this preference.

Then, I loved it when Kirk wants to tie Spock up and fuck him. Kirk needs to feel he has the power; he wants Spock to feel how he always feels; that Spock could just take him if he wanted. Spock realizes he fears being in this position himself, and it turns him on much, too. A really, really nice scene, except it was cut short. [1]
ABOUT TIME is a story that starts off with a bang (literally and figuratively), and which doesn't let up until it concludes almost 25 pages later. This Is a very thoughtful story, in that It explores the K/S relationship through the medium of Kirk's dreams - induced partially by Spock through a meld. I've only read one other story by this author, but her work seems to be consistently well-written. ABOUT TIME is a sexy story as well as being a well-thought-out piece. Don't miss it. [2]


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