A Study in Steele

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Title: A Study in Steele
Publisher: STFU Press
Editor(s): Teri Thorowgood
Date(s): undated, but around 1984
Medium: print
Fandom: Remington Steele
Language: English
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front cover by Liz Hoolahan
back cover, Signe Landon

A Study in Steele is a het Remington Steele 168-page anthology. It has a back cover by Signe Landon and contains eight stories, art and some poems.

From a submission request in Universal Translator #22: "We are seeking a preponderance of genius as an antidote to boredom, with an ambience of sophistication, elegance and wit (all Pierce Bronson material greedily accepted!)."

From the Title Page

The staff of MJM/TGT Productions would like to express its deep appreciation to the "A.F.T.E.O.S.I.B.L.R."* for its help and support in this project.

Location shots were filmed in East Bumb-Fuck Arlington, Virginia.

* Association For The Encouragement of Sexual Intercourse Between Laura and Remington.

From the Editorial

You're probably wondering why I asked you all here. Some of you were probably surprised to find this zine in your mailbox (figuring that I'd taken off to parts unknown with your lousy $5 deposit). Well, I didn't.

Not that I didn't want to, but Norfolk, Virginia - which is as far as I could have gone on the money - is not exactly what I consider the cultural mecca of the world. So, I stuck it out. Why? you may ask. You may - but you won't like the answer. I finished this zine mainly because of ray isappointment with the last two seasons of the show. I'm what you'd call a first season Steele fan. I'm very upset (disgusted might me a better word) with the direction (or lack thereof) that the characters (or lack thereof) on the show (or lack thereof) have taken since about the third show of the second season. To me, those people I watch on Tuesday night (and I still do watch and tape, hoping they'll hire new writers) are not the Laura and Remington I came to admire back in 1982.

To make a short story into an epic, I was watching "Steele Elegy," or was it "Woman of Steele" (nick-named "Woman of Wood" by a few vicious friends of mine) or maybe it was ... .oh, well, while watching one of the second season snoozer's I said to myself, "Teri, you can write better stuff than that ... and if you can, many, many others can." And they did. For my zine.


But before I end this tragic little tale I must give out a very special thank-you. The script you'll find at the end of this zine is my favorite of all that is included between these covers. It was a gift from Mindy Glazer, a very dear friend. Mindy submitted this, along with five other scripts to MTM the beginning of last season, and while none of them has been rejected, neither have they been bought - a fact which astounds and angers me. After reading "Kumquats" I'm sure you'll see why. But, alas, all is not hopeless in television land. While Elliot Lewis was propping up his chair with Mindy's scripts, a very intelligent, sensitive and attractive man (tell Bob he owes me $50) at "Kate & Ally" recognized Mindy's talents and she is now, even as I wordprocess, writing an episode for next season. Good taste lives on. What a comforting thought.

Your assignment (and I don't care if you choose to accept it or not, cause you'll do it if I say so - or nasties will happen) is to write an LoC. Good ones - I'll keep. Bad ones go to Lee Heller - she's to blame for this whole thing anyway.


  • interior art by Signe Landon, Christine Myers, Georgia Barnes, Pat O'Neill, Teri Thorowgood, Liz Hoolahan, Tracy Taylor, Mary Bohdanowicz, and T.J. Burnside.
  • Not Today, Not Tomorrow, But Someday by Jean Ann Williams (1)
  • Letter from Harry (5)
  • Emotional Deliberations, poem by Stephanie Wardwell (6)
  • Semi-Sweet Steele by Teri Thorowgood (7)
  • Letter from Harry (13)
  • 'Tis the Season by Patricia Nussman (14)
  • Facets (18)
  • Laura, Baby, Wat for Me! by Maria Barbosa (19)
  • Remington Steele and "Unidentified Woman" by Maria Barbosa (20)
  • Home at Last by Heidi Bloebaum (21)
  • Close-up, Freeze Frame, poem by Teresa Sarick (26)
  • Jaded Steele by Teri Thorowgood (27)
  • Letter from Harry
  • Steele City Blues by Teri Thorowgood (51)
  • Murphy's Law, poem by Teresa Sarick (63)
  • Goodbye, Steele by M.J. Millard (64)
  • Letter from Harry (93)
  • Damn You Daniel, poem by Irene Kress (95)
  • Rude Awakening, poem by C.S. Jenkins, Meg Fine (96)
  • Steele Life in Blue by Pat Gonzales (97)
  • Letters from Harry (130)
  • Steele Life with Kuquats, an original teleplay by Mindy Glazer (131)
  • Letter from Harry (168)
  • Steele Titled by "Our Gang"
  • Marginal Myrtles by Myrtle Groggins
  • You are Receiving this Zine Because by Lee Heller

Sample Interior