A Star Trek Cookbook, or, A Taste of Armageddon

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You may be looking for the 2007 essay: K/S on Computers: A Taste of Armageddon?.

Title: A Star Trek Cookbook, or, A Taste of Armageddon
Publisher: "A Project of 'L'Shaya 13: Publications in the Realm of Speculative Fiction"
Editor(s): D. Carol Roberts, Liz Danforth
Date(s): January 1972
Medium: print, cookbook
Size: digest
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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cover by Jeffrey Hamill
cover, signed by Gene Roddenberry
table of contents

A Star Trek Cookbook, or, A Taste of Armageddon is a Star Trek: TOS 15-page cookbook.

Some recipes include: Koloth’s Tribble Stew, Mudd’s Pie, Spock’s Ears cookies, Chekov’s Wodka Chewies, Scotty’s Scotch Shortbread, and Surak’s Sand Tarts.

The cover is by Jeffrey Hamill, the interior illos by D. Carol Roberts.

From the editor:

("Burp") Hi guys. Now — for the first time ever — for all you hefty or yearning to be hefty Trekfans: The Star Trek Cookbook - or -"A Taste of Armageddon!" Profusely Illustrated, and filled to overflowing with carefully tested recipes to delight the pate and palate of all Trekdom!

So much for the hard-sell. I've been listening to tapes all night getting this thing finished and my co-editor now makes the positively brilliant statement that an introduction is needed. Ah me. In any case, here 'tis.

There are a few people, however, whom I should like to thank. First of all, and foremost as well, my co-editor D Carol Roberts, who of late has drawn, typed and cooked far Into the night, and provided everything from inspiration and insanity to her mother's kitchen. Thankee Dickon, lndeed! Secondly, Margaret Randolf, who invented the Spock's Ears Cookies (page 11) for us from 'way back in IMPULSE 2. Thirdly, Gino's Pizza of Tempe, without whom we might have starved. And finally: my apologies — to Bjo and Ruth, who very graciously provided me with recipes and which I, with amazing alacrity, lost.

And now to all: pleasant conjuring (of food, of course!) and good digestion!