A Matter of Seduction

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: A Matter of Seduction
Author(s): Sharon St. James
Date(s): 1989
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A Matter of Seduction is a Kirk/Spock story by Sharon St. James.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #8.


"Kirk is ordered to do whatever it takes when a rulerʼs heir is interested in him, unaware that it is the son, not the daughter who is interested."


""There was no way for Kirk to mask his outrage. “The cards are on the table, all right! I’m supposed to screw her!’ “Exactly.” The Admiral’s blue eyes were hard and cold. “You’ll do whatever it takes to get them to join the Federation. Understand?” I understand.” Kirk rose. “If I’m Starfleet’s prostitute, what does that make you?"

Reactions and Reviews

'A Matter of Seduction" - I must confess to being somewhat disappointed in this story, because the author's past work has spoiled me into expecting something grand and elaborate whenever I see her name. This story was nicely-enough written, but it contained too many over-used ideas - the mixup in understanding who was attracted to Kirk, the irritating admiral, the use of drugs, the delicate diplomatic situation, McCoy having to be the one to spell everything out. I was hoping for something different. [1]
"A Matter of Seduction' by Sharon St. James had an interesting twist - just who was the Dakarra? I liked the part where Spock took charge and just nerve pinched the Dakarra in order to get his Captain out of a bad situation. The ensuing problem and solution was told in Ms. St. James' usual entertaining way. [2]
This goes on along as a standard, yet above-average love story of Kirk and Spock dealing with an alien culture. But then the readers gets to the ending... And it is PRICELESS!! I LOVED it!! One small nit-pick — why must it always be assumed that a person is female simply because the name ends in an "a"? [3]

On the surface, this story has all the ingredients for a ho-hum forgettable story: Komack is a character, so often caricaturized; Kirk develops amnesia; a drug is administered that provokes overwhelming lust. Doesn’t sound too promising, does it? But in the hands of this author all of it works to create a rather interesting K/S tale.

Komack orders the Enterprise to a strategic planet considering admission. Its mission: to convince the ruler, as well as his two grown children, to agree to join the Federation. Kirk’s hackles are raised when it is revealed that the Dakarra, one of the children, has specifically requested Kirk be the representative, and finds him attractive. Komack so much as orders Kirk to sleep with Dakarra in order to secure the political aim, and Kirk deeply resents the order, vowing not to use his body in such a way.

Naturally, Spock will do anything to prevent his captain from being put into such a position, and he goes into his super-protective-Vulcan mode. I don’t want to spoil the story by revealing any more plot details, but of course there is a twist, of course things don’t go as planned, and the course of true love does not run smooth.

I like the way Kirk comes to grips with what happens, I adore a question he puts to McCoy towards the end of the story, and even more I appreciate McCoy’s reply. And in the end, Komack gets his comeuppance! Ah, don’t we wish we could all “get” our bosses! [4]


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