A Light Against the Darkness

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Title: A Light Against the Darkness
Author(s): Ellen Randolph
Date(s): 1986, 1988
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Wars
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A Light Against the Darkness is a Star Wars story by Ellen Randolph.

It was printed in Shadowstar #21/22 and reprinted in Sanctuary.

Author's Comments

From the preface to the zine Sanctuary:

"A Light Against the Darkness" is one of several Han stories in the zine. Despite the fact that in ANC I blew up the Falcon with Han inside, I do not hate the Corellian. Quite the contrary. In addition to being exceedingly decorative even when not hanging from someone's wall, he's a joy to write and a key piece (you should pardon the expression) in my scheme. And I've had a mad crush on him since 1977, so there. But at the risk of offending some of his more devoted partisans, it has always been true that the focal character of the Saga is not, in fact, a Corellian.