A Galaxy Far, Far Away

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You may be looking for the adult het Star Wars: TPM zine In a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Title: A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Publisher: Debbie Gitschlag
Date(s): 1983-87
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
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A Galaxy Far, Far Away is a gen and het Star Wars anthology zine published by Debbie Gitschlag. There were five issues starting in 1983 and the zines ranged between 100 and 160 pages each.

Issue 1

A Galaxy Far, Far Away 1 was published in 1983.

Issue 2

A Galaxy Far, Far Away 2

Issue 3

A Galaxy Far, Far Away 3 was published in April 1985 and contains 106 pages. The front and back cover is by Judy Wolfgram. The interior illos are by Myles Bos, Leslie Paul Diaz, Alma Hedrick, Betty Monfette, and Lynn Monfette.

front cover of issue #3, Judy Wolfgram
back cover of issue #3, Judy Wolfgram

Kathy Nycz typed this issue.

"The material in this fanzine is not intended to infringe in any way on the interests and rights held by the creator of Star Wars, Lucasfilm, Ltd., 20th Century Fox, etc. For permission to reprint any of the material within, please contact the author/artist..... Issues of A Galaxy Far, Far Away #1 and #2 are always available. Since we're a 'xerox' zine, we don't intend to go 'out-of-print."

  • The Price of Error, fiction by Alma Hedrick (6)
  • Star Trips: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Rebellion, part two, graphic/cartoon by Alma Hedrick (26)
  • Last Dream of Home, fiction by Lynn Monfette (32)
  • SaLAMARIAN Glossary (51)
  • Shadow Pirates, fiction by Kathy Nycz (66)
  • Zines, Ads, and Classifieds (94)
  • poems by Alma Hendrick interspersed throughout: Dilemma, Reflection, Song for My Father, Darth Vader, Nightmare, A Droid's Lament, Justification, Before the Battle

Issue 4

A Galaxy Far, Far Away 4 was published in 1986 and has 113 pages. Contributors include Lynne Monfette, Sandy Hanson, Frances McMahan, Gerald Crotty, Tammy Monfette, David Hicks, Lynne Terry-Hicks and others.

  • a story (Luke and Anakin Skywalker are kidnapped by the Emperor, who now rules in the absolute Darkness of the Force. But they find an unexpected means of escape as Leia and Han scour the galaxy and time itself for their lost Jedi.)
  • From the Continuing Adventures of Luke Skywalker (A series of 3 short stories that take us beyond ROTJ and follow Luke as he makes new decisions about his own destiny.)
  • For Better or Worse (Years after Han was court-martialed and thrown out of the military, he meets once again with his ex-fiancé and former commander who'd turned him in. Leia and Han must work together to outwit them this time.)
  • poems, art, and ads
  • filks by Marguerite O'Rourke

Issue 5

A Galaxy Far, Far Away 5 was published in 1986 and has 115 pages.

  • The Wasted Dream by Tammy Monfette (Luke's mission was to find the new Empress, said to be taking over the Imperial Government in Palpatine's name. But he didn't find exactly what he expected. And what was he to do with Wedge, now that his friend was falling in love with the girl?)
  • In the Forest of the Night by Alma Hedrick (After crashing on an Imperial-held planet, Luke encounters a mysterious mystical woman and her beautiful daughter who aid him in his flight. But with the Imperials hot on their trail, will they make it to the rendezvous with Han in time?
  • Star Wars Word Wars (a collection of puzzles and games)
  • more stories, poems and art by Catherine Flegel, Katherine Gillen, and Patti Flegel