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You may be looking for the zine In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Name: In A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Owner/Maintainer: Bridget
Dates: 23 February 2001 (Wayback capture) or before - ?
Fandom: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
URL: (Wayback link) (new location, defunct)
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In A Galaxy Far, Far Away was a Star Wars website. Description from OKEBFFA: "fanfic, pics, humor".[1]

The site was a member of one or more webrings and it had a "Boycott" page. The picture page featured some Phantom Menace Pictures gathered from various placed throughout the internet and the fanart was by B.L. and Kerrie Smith.

By April 2001 the site had moved to a new location.

Fan Fiction


Fate [PG-13]
A post, A/U story in which a young woman gets swept up in events beyond her control during a rescue mission.
All parts now posted
Past Tense Rising[PG-13]
Betrayal, lies, and manipulations play a large part in this sequel to "Fate".
All parts now posted

B.L. Lindley-Anderson

The Fix[PG]
The Virus Builder [PG]
Sequel to The Fix
The Journey [PG]
Sequel to The Virus Builder
Revenge [PG]
Phantoms [PG]
Bedlam [PG]
Sentient [PG]
Tradition [PG]

Cheshire Cat

The Misplaced Outing[G]
The Mission to Rakari [PG-13]
Just Another Day [PG]


My Fathers House
No More Surprises [G]
Lessons [G]

Laura B

The Dream [G]
The Waterfall


Young Force[G]
Shifting Sands[G]
Please send any Fan Fiction contributions to Bridget. If you have any questions on submissions, please let me know and I'll be happy to answer them. This site is kid friendly, so I'm sorry NC-17 stories will not be accepted.


Dear everyone,

Well, interesting things sure keep happening, don't they?

It seems there's an outfit out there calling itself Fandom, Inc. They've put together a website at , and are now attempting to drive other websites with the word "fandom" in their top tiers off the 'net.

The owner of was hit with a cease & desist letter a couple of weeks ago. (Read it at .) Her response was met with a second letter ( ). As some of you know, I work in an intellectual-property law firm, and have been communicating unofficially on this with the partner who handles trademarks; she seems unfazed by the language of the letters (pretty standard stuff), but is puzzled at's insistence that they have exclusive rights to the word "fandom." Even if they have a trademark on it -- which they don't, by the way; the application was abandoned, presumably because the word is more generic than descriptive -- they should, she notes, at least recognize that there's a fair use problem, and if the matter went to ICAAN, would prevail.

A note about trademarks: the fact that the word "fandom" has been in routine use among fans since at *least* the 1970's _does not preclude anyone from securing a trademark on it._ Trademarks are not patents, and a mark need not be original to get protection. *However.* If, as in this case, the word is common -- or even if it's not; what if my name really were Leia Organa? -- a trademark-holder cannot legally stop someone else from making legitimate fair use of that mark. I can, therefore, trademark "Sugar-n-Spice" as the name of my bakery company -- but I can't prevent others from claiming that their baked goods include sugar and spice.

A note about domain names: the fact of registering a domain name confers *no* trademark rights on the registrant. These guys own , which has *no earthly bearing* on anyone else's right to use the term. And, as I've noted, the application for a trademark on "FANDOM" by Fandom, Inc. seems to have been abandoned when the PTO refused to register the mark.

As you can see from the C&D letters, Fandom, Inc. is prepared to spend more money than most private citizens have at their disposal to protect their (get this) "famous and valuable mark" (standard legalese in this context, but pretty amusing). Don't let them win. Boycott , and encourage your fannish friends to do the same. Tell them you're doing so, even. Visit , and send its operators a note showing you support them. I mean to say -- a lock on the *word* "fandom" so that even *the fans themselves* can't use it? I ask you.

If you disagree with me here, by all means, disregard this whole message. Hey, go lend your support to Fandom, Inc., if you're so inclined. It's a free country. But if, as I suspect, most of us are on the side of actual fans,

pass it on.



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