A Change of Season

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: A Change of Season
Author(s): Charlotte Frost
Date(s): 1988
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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A Change of Season is a K/S story by Charlotte Frost.

It was first published in the print zine Naked Times #21 and is also online.


"Kirk forces a confrontation with Spock after getting his body back from Janice Lester, angered over his loverʼs unwillingness to share himself as exemplified by Spockʼs not telling him about Zarabeth, which had caused a month long separation."

Reactions and Reviews

In this story, a problem between Kirk and Spock is, not necessarily solved, but at least ameliorated, by good will and struggling on both sides. It rings true; this is how intelligent people in long-term relationships try to work things out. Kirk wants Spock to share more with him; Spock wants to remain as Vulcan as he can. It's a familiar situation in America, where people come from varied backgrounds (and men and women are almost reared in different countries). Kirk's small, unhappy satisfaction in at least getting Spock angry, was especially realistic. And I liked where Spock explained what happened with Zarabeth: "She asked me what is was like to be... lonely." The dialogue in this one is all between Kirk and Spock and Kirk and McCoy. I thought it a step above the dialogue in a couple of other Charlotte Frost stories. When Kirk and Spock are talking, Frost doesn't falter. But when Kirk gets to talking to Amanda or Gillian, he and the other seem to slip into complete, even over-complete, sentences, like the ones your sixth-grade teacher wanted you to use on social studies assignments. [1]
A very good story for showing the contrasts between Kirk and Spock in their personalities and the way they handle things. I liked that Spock would still come to comfort Kirk even though they'd been arguing. Spock's reasoning that since there was nothing Kirk could actually do in the situation he saw no reason to even speak of it, really showed Spock's thought processes well. Kirk's side of the argument at the beginning, with his using "always" and "never" in what he said to Spock was so human! [2]
This is perhaps one of my most favorite stories I have read. Why? Because it shows that Kirk and Spock do have problems. That they, like all of us, must work to solve those problems. I also liked the idea that Kirk was traumatized after Janice (Lester?) took over his body...truly anyone would be. But my favorite part of the story was when Spock finally realized that he, too, must share his feelings with Kirk. ..not just his body...but his feelings, too. This is a very important part of a relationship and it is also perhaps the hardest part of a relationship, too. But to have a sold relationship, you must have it. And Spock finally realized that. Great stuff! I also liked the idea of Spock having a temper... [3]
A CHANGE OF SEASON is an established relationship story wherein there is tension between K & S in the first part of the story. The plot centers around resolving the conflict, which is done quite nicely, though not with much originality. For the material covered, the story needed to be expanded, the characters & conflicts more fully explored. Having read other works by Ms. Frost, I find this piece to be one of her weaker ventures, while the majority of her work seems more thought-out and more fleshed-out. Still, some interesting ideas and better-than-average story-telling. [4]


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