A Change in Perspective (Law and Order/Poltergeist: The Legacy zine)

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Title: A Change in Perspective
Publisher: Devious Developments Press
Author(s): Jen Ludwig
Cover Artist(s): Shar
Illustrator(s): Shar
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Law and Order/Poltergeist: The Legacy
Language: English
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cover by Shar

A Change in Perspective is a 116-page slash crossover novel by Jen Ludwig with art by Shar. Another version lists the page count as 84 pages. Slash pairing: Jack McCoy/Lenny Briscoe.

From the publisher, "This zine is a stand-alone, and not connected with Ms. Ludwig's The Vampire Chronicle series.

Summary: "Will Lenny's guilt over Cathy's death come between he and Jack for good? They take a trip, trying to work it out, and go to stay with Derek Rayne, a friend of Jack's. While there, they encounter a spirit that feeds off negative human emotions, which means the Legacy gets involved."