A Bed Made For One

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Title: A Bed Made for One
Author(s): Sarea Okelani
Date(s): 04 - 21 - 2004
Length: 2,840 words
Genre: het
Fandom: Harry Potter
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A Bed Made For One is an often recced, often loved Draco/Ginny story in Harry Potter fandom. It's a Hurt/Comfort story, with emphasis on the hurt, that brings Draco and Ginny together with the trauma of kidnapping and rescue as the backdrop.

Summary: And in the darkness bind them.

The Draco/Ginny ship manifesto[1] elected A Bed Made For One as Fic Rec #6 - Best Hurt/Comfort Story.
This story is quite short but it is harsh, utterly real and bittersweet. It takes you to see how a war can ruin a soul and how, still, a tiny flame will always be alight, no matter what.


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