7th Heaven

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Name: 7th Heaven
Creator: Brenda Hampton
Date(s): August 26, 1996 – May 13, 2007
Medium: television
Country of Origin: United States
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7th Heaven is a WB/CW family drama series which follows the story of the Camdens, a Protestant minister's family. It is also the longest-running show produced by Aaron Spelling.


7th Heaven is centered around Eric Camden, his wife and many children. It had 11 seasons from 1996 to 2006.



The fandom was built on lengthy, heavy discussions of the show and the characters, particularly in the later seasons. Some fans felt the quality of the writing was going south while others fervently defended the show from criticism. The middle ground was rare, where people acknowledged its problems but still loved it.

Fanfiction became more popular sometime in the 7th season, due to the influx of new characters like Lucy's future husband Kevin Kinkirk, Simon and Ruthie's friends and love interests, and later a whole crew of teenagers who found a second home at the Camdens'. Matt and Mary were more or less gone, but made guest appearances now and then.

It was popular to mock the series, in either parody fics or snarky reviews. Television Without Pity took great pleasure in ripping the show apart.

Fanfic tropes

In season 7, Kevin Kinkirk gained a huge hatedom from fans who felt he was too controlling and stern; as a result, many stories would have him physically abusing Lucy.

Simon slash was extremely popular, due to fans seeing chemistry between him and his male friends.

Stephen Collins scandal

In 2014, a leaked audio tape was discovered on which Stephen Collins admitted to sexually abusing several young girls on the set of the show. The TV channel UP had been airing reruns of the series, but quickly pulled it from the airwaves once the story went public; however, the show was quietly returned to the channel later on.


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