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Journal Community
Name: 30_kills
Date(s): 2005-2010
Moderator: mikage (Katze)
Founder: ee970
Type: Prompt
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
URL: https://30-kills.livejournal.com/

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30_kills was a LiveJournal community for Prince of Tennis deathfic. It was an unofficial spinoff of br_tenipuri and 30 Kisses. There were 71 entries and 302 comments made in the community between 2005 and 2010.

Despite its limited scope compared to most themed prompt communities, 30_kills was one of the first crop of 30 Kisses spinoffs, created just two months after the original community, and several later communities credited it as an inspiration in their user info.


What's in it for you? Well, maybe you're intrigued by the the inherent tension and drama of young folks stripped of their human rights and forced to fight to the death. Maybe you just like killing tennis boys. It's all good. If nothing else, we give pretty much anyone who likes character death a chance to do so and not get burned by the fandom for it :)



1. look over here

2. news; letter

3. jolt!

4. our distance and that person

5. "ano sa" ("hey, you know....")

6. the space between dream and reality

7. superstar

8. our own world

9. dash

10. #10

11. gardenia

12. in a good mood

13. excessive chain

14. radio-cassette player

15. perfect blue

16. invincible; unrivaled

17. kHz (kilohertz)

18. "say ahh...."

19. red

20. the road home

21. violence; pillage/plunder; extortion

22. cradle

23. candy

24. good night

25. fence

26. if only I could make you mine

27. overflow

28. Wada Calcium CD3

29. the sound of waves

30. kiss