"WAR 101" or "So you wanna be in a FK War?"

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Title: "WAR 101" or "So you wanna be in a FK War?"
Creator: Dianne DeSha
Date(s): 1998
Medium: essay
Fandom: Forever Knight
Topic: how to play in a Forever Knight War
External Links: archived in FK Website Archive;Wayback link
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Dianne DeSha's ""WAR 101" or "So you wanna be in a FK War?"" was written as an addendum to Susan Garrett's "War Tutorial" in response to numerous questions that had not been addressed in the earlier essay.

It covers posting and player etiquette, with general advice about the commitment that anyone playing in a war is taking on.

Topics covered:

  • Post it right!
  • Have a big mailbox!
  • (Private) e-mail is your _friend_!
  • Collaborate with others.
  • Be flexible.
  • FK Wars are _not_ particularly gory.
  • Get permission!
  • No killing! (Or bringing over! ;-)
  • Respect "dibs."
  • Participate in the war as *yourself*--only better [g]
  • The point is really _not_ who wins.