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Name/s: Mrs. Potato Head
Fandom/s: I am a fan of several; they tend to start with the letter "S." Mainly though, I'm a fan of fandom itself.
You can find me at:
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Current Projects

Pay Attention

Replacement Program

Replacement Program: 14

  • A-Z: Addicted to Zines
  • Before & After (Blakes)
  • Beguiled (Pros)
  • Beyond the Final Frontier (Star Trek: VOY)
  • Cross My Heart #1 (multi)
  • Ember Days (Pros)
  • For Those Who Came in Late #1 (multi)
  • Love and Sacrifice (Blakes)
  • Queen's Fate (Valdemar)
  • Rhythm and Blues (Fugitive)
  • Standard by Seven: The Early Years (the white cover) (Blake's 7)
  • This Guy I Gotta Wait For (Miami Vice)