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Title: Duet
Publisher: Green Acres
Editor(s): Doreen Dabinett for #1-#20, Janice MacDonald & Carole Weatherill for #21
Date(s): 1980-1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Duet is a slash K/S Star Trek: TOS anthology issued in the the UK. It has twenty-one issues. It was one of the more explicit and detailed of the K/S relationship and was considered to be a major activist in the fanzine community.

It has a sister zine called Slightly Duet.

Many summaries below are from Gilda F.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Duet 1 was published in February 1980 and contains 94 pages. It has 23 stories.

  • A.W.O.L. by Doreen Dubois (McCoy is forced to work for the Klingons after they kidnap his daughter.)
  • The Bonnie Machine" by Anne Kydd (A machine that plays out your fantasies is installed on the Enterprise, and both Kirk and Spock are surprised at what they see. Sequel: The Bonnie Machine Pt 2.)
  • A Ride to Yesterday by Doreen C. DuBois (Kirk takes Spock with him to the Kirk farm, though Spock is unaware that they are there to sell it to cover the debts left by Kirkʼs brother.)
  • The Branding by Doreen C. DuBois (After a blow to the head, an amnesiac Spock flees through the Guardian to Vulcanʼs past, with Kirk following him to attempt a rescue of his lover.)
  • A Time of Decision Cooper, C.L. (Believing they are both going to die, Kirk confesses his love to Spock, unaware that Spock is only in a healing trance and can hear everything heʼs saying.)
  • The Mistletoe Affair by Rowena Smythe (Kirk failure to acquire mistletoe during the holidays leaves him upset.)
  • Double Image by Maria Shaw (Kirk and Spockʼs interactions are picked up by the mirror Spock, making him realize their status as lovers.)
  • The Humans Are At It Again! by Kitty Schaeffer (Spockʼs yeoman leaves him an anonymous Valentine card in an attempt to find out who his lover is.)
  • In Vino Veritas by Doreen C. DuBois (Kirk breaks off his impending bonding to Spock after being convinced of his unsuitablilty by Sarak, but one year later begins to rethink his decision when he runs into Spock aboard a luxury cruiser - with the woman who may become his bondmate.)
  • The Devil Made Me...! by Doreen C. DuBois (On separate leave from his lover, Kirk gets in over his head with a Romulan sadist.)
  • Question Oo Presents by Rowena A. Smythe (Kirk and Spock go on separate leaves in order to pick up each otherʼs anniversary gift.)
  • Bondage Pt 1 by Doreen C. DuBois (A/U Lt Kirk and his crew are rescued by a ship from the unknown UFP, only to find themselves slaves. Sequel: Bondage Pt 2.)
  • Love Talk by Maria Shaw
  • Why by Theresa White

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Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Duet 2 was published in 1980 and contains 205 pages.

  • Bondage Pt 2 by Doreen C. DuBois (Kirk and his men manage to escape their Vulcan owners, but unwilling to forget his slave, Spock goes to Earth to retrieve him. Prequel: Bondage Pt 1.)
  • Have Another Good Night! by K.S. T'Lan (Kirk is tortured by his close contact with Spock on shoreleave and duty after realizing his desire for the Vulcan in his dreams.)
  • Always the Other by Doreen C. DuBois (The mirror Spock uses this Kirk for his pon farr after his own lover is captured when he and Spock turn rebel Sequel: When Two Worlds Collide.)
  • Love of a Different Kind by Jayne (McCoy discovers their secret when called by Spock to aid an injured Kirk.)
  • Future Imperfect by Lesley Holden (Kirkʼs dream shows him what his future could be like if he misses the opportunity to confess his love to Spock.)
  • Vengeance by Rowena Smythe (Told he will lose what he holds dearest as punishment for Sylvia and Korobʼs deaths, Kirk awakens to find himself monstrously deformed.)
  • The Art Of Seduction by Tish (Realizing his desire for Kirk, Spock sets out to seduce him.) (Also in A Touch of Tish)
  • Reasons, part one by Doreen C. DuBois (Spock explains his reasons to Sarek as he prepares to enter Gol: Sequel: Reasons-Two.)
  • Paradise Lost... And Found! by Jimmye Galli (After Omicron Ceti 3, Kirk is desparate to find out why Spock is now drawing away from him, while fighting his guilt over the tactics he used to break the sporeʼs affects on the Vulcan.)
  • Alternative Interlude by Lesley Holden (Due to a power surge while he is transporting Kirk finds himself in yet another universe,a fact he is unaware of until Spock makes love to him.)
  • Blizzard by Christy Mathews (Stranded during a blizzard while on shoreleave, Kirkʼs injuries become the catalyst for the expression of his and Spockʼs love for each other.)
  • The Marriage Contract by Doreen C. DuBois (Kirk is forced to marry the woman he believes he raped while on shoreleave as the only way to escape inprisonment, though it means the end of his relationship with Spock.)
  • Ritual Cleansing by K.S. T'Lan (Kirk and Spock are forced to have sex together by a Warrior culture to save themselves and McCoy, but Kirk finds Spock withdrawing from him after they return to the ship.)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Duet 3 was published in 1981 and contains 200 pages. It has 32 stories and 26 illos.

  • Where I Belong by K.S. T'Lan (Kirk is surprised when Spock enters into a 3-way with him in order to get information from a female agent posing as a prostitute, but is more surprised when Spock is unwilling to continue being his lover afterwards.)
  • Rebellion by Barbara Gordon
  • Crime + Punishment = Atonement by Jane Jones (Spockʼs intellect is destroyed by an alien forcebeam and Kirk resigns from Starfleet to take care of him, only to discover hidden desires in himself for the Vulcan.)
  • Lovely are My eyes by Katy Deery
  • Spock's First Night by K. Lee Shea
  • Three's a Crowd by Doreen C. DuBois (M/U A/U Kirk and Spock plan to kill Sarek, but Kirkʼs inability to remain faithful causes Spock to 1) imprison him for six months or 2) allow Sarek to live so that they will share Kirk as a mindwiped sex slave.)
  • Safe Love by K.S. T'Lan (During the meld with Spock while he is trapped in Janice Lesterʼs body, Kirk lets slip his desire for the Vulcan, and together, they relive the event that turned Kirk from males when he was sixteen.)
  • Odyssey by Alysse Aubret (After their run-in with VʼGer, Kirk and Spock become lovers, but Spock fears it will all end after he loses control while theyʼre on a diplomatic mission and he believes he raped his lover.)
  • Still Waters by K.S. T'Lan (Kirk is stunned to learn that Spock left for Gol because of his desire for his captain, but insists that they now make love, knowing it will be the only way to keep Spock forever at his side.)
  • Reasons - Two by Doreen C. DuBois (Spock explains to Sarek his reasons for leaving Gol as he prepares to return to the Enterprise...and Kirk. Prequel: Reasons.)
  • Waiting by K.S. T'Lan (McCoy almost causes Kirkʼs death when he disregards orders and takes off after his daughter on a planet known to harbour Klingons.)
  • Love Slave's Song by Barbara P. Gordon (A/U Kirk captures a Vulcan scientist and then keeps him as a slave.) (In a letter to fans in Datazine #21, the author says there was to be a sequel in 'Duet' #4. "I would like to make it clear that the information in the editorial in that zine is inaccurate. I'll gladly clarify the situation to anyone who writes directly to me. Cynthia C. Drake of Final Frontier now plans to publish the entire story, complete and uncensored." The sequel was finally published in Alien Brothers after haing been rejected for its extreme (at the time) subject matter.)
  • A Matter of Expediency by C.L. Cooper (M/U Spock discovers Kirks bisexuality when they visit a planet renown for its males, and takes the place of the man Kirk was to be with and forcing a bond on his captain.)
  • A Game of Chance by Lesley Holden (Discovering their reciprical love in a meld, Kirk and Spock lay the ground rules for their love affair with a game of chess.)
  • Hour of Brass by F. de Licto (Humor: Sarek convinces Spock that Kirk is only marrying him for his money.) (reprinted in Another K/S Zine)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

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[zine]: This is a satisfying K/S zine which is unique in that it continues to appear regularly. Duet has shown steady improvement since its first issue. The editor is also unique to the K/S zines in exhibiting a continued desire to pleaes her audience, improve her product and, most important, publish frequent issues. Although she admits the zine would win no beauty contests, she continues to make an honest effort to improve its appearance. The zine is mimeoed and easy to read. The artwork is mimeoed or photocopied, with mixed, usually quite adequate, results. The quality and variety of artists are vastly improved over the previous issues, as are the stories. The weakness of Duet #2 was that many of the stories seemed to end the same: with Kirk and Spock bonding, or at least reconciliation, and most of the stories were set in the standard ST:TV universe. On the other hand, this issue has a nice variety of interesting approaches and unusual stories, including two stories set in the Mirror universe, a Spock-enslaved-by-Kirk story in a very different alternate universe, and three post-ST:THMP stories. Of these, 'Odyssey' is particularly engaging, occasionally verging on the poetically beautiful, and beautiful in its sensitive treatment of Spock's readjustment to life aboard the Enterprise, and the acknowledgement of his love for Kirk. There are also two humorous and five serious stories set in the standard ST:TV universe, but with some unusual twists. 'Crime + Punishment [equals] Atonement' is what might be called a speculative exercise, and a mind-stretcher. Although it is well-written, I found the reasons given for Spock's punishment of Kirk to be totally unbelievable. Several interesting situations are presented in 'Where I Belong' (Kirk and Spock visit a brothel together) and in 'Still Waters' (Spock confesses to Kirk his real reason for leaving the Enterprise.) There is also an interesting collection of poetry on the Spock as a devil/sorcerer theme, called 'An Anthology of Temptation and Desire.' There are no bad stories in this zine; all are interesting and at the very least, reasonably well-written, avoiding the darkly over-emotional story. If you prefer your stories to avoid death, permanent disfigurement, sadness, or depressing endings, you are sure to enjoy 'Duet. [1]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Duet 4 was published in 1982 and contains 207 pages. It contains 32 stories, 28 illos. Art by Eric, Barbara Gordon, Fiona Graves, Toni Hardeman, Jon, Roo and Virginia Smith.

  • Editorial
  • Facile Princess by "K" (poetry)
  • Never Let Me Go by Christy Mathews (A/U Kirk buys a young Vulcan slave who he comes to love, but their time together may end after Kirk is ordered to beam down with Spock and together pass three tests to further the Federationʼs cause.)
  • Always by Sue Meek (Maria Snow) (poetry)
  • Whisper by Katy Deery (poem)
  • Never To Him by Katy Deery (poem)
  • Ritual by Ann Flegg
  • Pon Farr by Y. Chapel (Kirk talks Spock into letting him help him through pon farr, but when Spock overhears McCoyʼs reservations to it, he refuses to go with Kirk to the cabin he has reserved for them.)
  • The Real Thing by S. Meek (Kirk and Spock both think they have spent time with replicants of each other while on the Shoreleave planet, until McCoy informs them that the machinery wasnʼt working at the time.)
  • The Homecoming by Elaine W. (poem)
  • Captivity by Eva Stuart (poem)
  • The Gift by Eva Stuart (poem)
  • Never and Always by Eva Stuart (poem)
  • Any Other Name by Eva Stuart (poem)
  • For You Always by Katy Deery (poem)
  • Reflections by Ann Flegg (poem)
  • Not Everyone's Choice of a Friend by Teresa Hewitt (After Kirk playfully kisses Spock, he begins to realize that the action brought to the surface hidden desires.)
  • The Faithless by Jane Jones (M/U Believing them bonded, Sarek demands Kirk be punished when he discovers the human has been unfaithful, but unwilling to have his lover killed, Spock makes Kirk his slave instead.)
  • Strange Seas by Ann Flegg (poem)
  • Voices of Love by Eva Stuart (poem)
  • Touch by Ann Smith (poem)
  • Words by Katy Deery (poem)
  • Mine by Katy Deery (poem)
  • My Desire by Ann Smith (poety)
  • Tell Me by D. Dubois (poem)
  • Ultimatums by Doreen Dubois (Kirk is turned into a woman for a mission to save both the Federation and Klingon Empire against Kor and a renegade Vulcan. A sequel is "Accidents Do Happen" in issue #9.)
  • The Only Way by K.S. T'Lan (McCoy schemes to get Kirk and Spock together by playing on their concern for each other.)
  • Slave-What Are You? by Ann Smith (poem)
  • Alternative Interlude by Lesley Holden
  • Thee Art by Ann Smith (poem)
  • Untitled by Ann Smith (poem)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

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Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Duet 5 was published in 1982 and contains 204 pages. It has 35 stories and 23 illos.

  • The Scalp Hunter by Sara S. Reynolds (Kirk shuns Spock after being used for pon farr while they were camping together on Vulcan, but begins to understand himself more after a friend from the academy seduces him merely for conquest.)
  • This Fortress Freedom by Lee Owens
  • Kiss Me Alive by Susan Wyllie
  • Another Side of Paradise by Susan M.
  • Flames of Love
  • Nachtmusik by Jamie Orr (The room theyʼre assigned to is too hot, and unable to sleep, Kirk contemplates his first officer and acts on his awakening desire for Spock.)
  • Timeless Attraction EDC (A/U: Spock buys a human slave, but their growing love for one another is jeopardized when the humans rebel and Kirk is drawn into it..)
  • When Two World Collide by Doreen C. DuBois (Unable to come to terms with the mirror Spockʼs use of him during pon farr, Kirk begins to avoid this Spock. Prequel: Always The Other. Sequel: Ring Of Fire.)
  • The Bitter Bit by Jo Martin (M/U Spock is angry when he finds out how fast Kirk was recognized and inprisoned by Spockʼs counterpart, but itʼs Kirk who realizes why.)
  • Stolen Water by K.S. T'Lan (Spock takes Kirk to a hidden canyon on Vulcan so they might reenact the rituals of the warrior bondmates of Vulcanʼs past.)
  • Prisoners by K.S. T'Lan (When Spock and McCoy are injured and all three inprisoned, Kirk accepts the guardʼs offer of freedom for the use of his body.)
  • A Matter Of Diplomacy by Mary Hughes (Humor Kirk balks at becoming Spockʼs bondmate after Vulcan rejoins the Federation, but is forced into it when Spock insists that he honor his previous commitment.)
  • Practice to Deceive by Jane Jones (Non-K/S story)
  • Fait Accompli by DuBois, D. (Stuck on an uninhabited planet with another Vulcan, Spock is forced to challenge him when the Vulcan enters pon farr and is drawn to Kirk.)
  • Yours to Command by Lorrie Thomas (While on an undercover mission, Kirk and Spock discover the joys of bondage.)
  • To Thine Own Self be True by Lynn Mitchell? Katie Sullivan? (Kirk and Spockʼs relationship almost ends when Kirk believes Spock does not want to bond with him, unaware of Spockʼs fear of Kirk dying if Spock were to while bonded.)
  • A Beginning by Lynn Mitchell (A/U Kirk and Spock go in disguise to gather intelligence on a Vulcanoid planet, with Kirk as his captainʼs serf.) (also in JKS Enterprises and Re-Mix)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

See reactions and reviews for The Scalp Hunter.

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Duet 6 was published in 1982 and contains 215 pages. This zine is devoted entirely to the competition entries received in response to the illo which appeared in Duet III and Beyond, and which is reproduced in. It includes eleven stories and twenty-one illustrations.

  • The Sword Bonding by Jane Jones (Kirk is forced into a bond to save Spockʼs life when both are called to Vulcan by its high council after Spockʼs divorce from TʼPring.)
  • James Kirk Esquire by Doreen C. Dubois (Kirk is early for his meeting with Spock to begin shoreleave and when given a pass to a museum, learns that his first officer is the leader of a Warrior sect.)
  • Fact is Stranger than Fiction by Steve McMichael (Kirk has been having dreams of being sexually dominated by Spock when Spock invites him to Vulcan for shoreleave together.)
  • The Pleasure Slaves by Sara S. Reynolds (Author notes: "Although no mention is made of preparation or the use of lubricants, please assume that the characters do prepare each other adequately, and do use lube." (A/U Kirk and his crew are captured and taken to Vulcan as slaves where Kirk is forced to perform sexually with the just as reluctant Spock, son to the house leader.))
  • Hazan by Sara S. Reynolds (A/U Spock asks Kirk to participate in a Vulcan fertility ritual when the original participant unexpectantly dies, even though it will tie Kirk to him forever.)
  • Question Of Honour, A by Jane Jones (Kirk and Spock are prisoners of the Klingon and Romulans when Spock goes into pon farr and are deliberately kept apart. Sequel: Debt Of Honour.)
  • Weaver of Dreams T'Lan, K. S. (Kirk and Spock share a dream of sex and desire only to find on awakening that it was grounded in reality.)
  • Midnight Glory by Susan Wyllie (Spock is horrified to discover a painting of his bondmate at an art exhibit in which a young Lt. Kirk is nude and masterbating.)
  • Spectre by Jane Jones Coulson (Kirk dreams of Spock being repossessed by Henoch.)
  • Masquerade by Lynn Mitchell (After rejecting the advances of a man at a bar, Kirk meets Spock at a cabin for shoreleave, unaware that the man has followed him.) (also in JKS Enterprises and Re-Mix)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

See reactions and reviews for The Sword Bonding.
This zine was devoted entirely to entries in a story competition based on an illo by Barbara Gordon which appeared in DUET III AND BEYOND, and which is reprinted for the benefit of readers of VI. The illo depicts a kneeling, naked Kirk, ankle chained, masturbating, while Spock, equally aroused, and wearing only some sort of flowing black harness affair, stands over him with a knife in one hand, clenching Kirk's hair in the other. It is, therefore, not surprising that most of the stories are of a slave/master theme, or of some sort of domination/humiliation. I must admit that this is not my favorite incarnation of the K/S theme, but the stories are varied and well written (although the story "Masquerade" contained grammatical problems like, "About to take a drink his arm was nudged..." the old drinking arm trick). The fascination of this type of zine--how they do it (c'mon, folks, we know how they do it! I mean how each writer manages to weave a story around the same illo) --is also its drawback. I found myself waiting for that fateful scene to turn up in each story, and even guessing how the writer would manage it. There are 11 stories, plus a story by D. DuBois which was not part of the contest and a rather disconcerting poem "The Nameless One" which simply reiterates the story that precedes it in verse form (the "Hey, didn't I just read this?" sensation). A good third of the zine is the final story, a novella called "The Sword Bonding" which is certainly the most ambitious story in DUET VI. The zine is done in the usual British style, blue stapled and taped covers, 8 1/4x 11 3/4 paper (they fit on no shelf in the U.S.), no frills mimeo printing, and just the single illo. In subject matter, there is: "Kirk does it to help Spock with a religious obligation;" "They do it while prisoners;" "It was all a dream (or was it?);" "Spock finds an old, compromising portrait of Kirk and is upset;" "A shape-changer does it as Spock (and boy is Spock mad);" "Henoch is behind it all;" "Mirror Universe/pleasure slave on Vulcan;" "Kirk's fantasy comes true, along with some surprising news;" "Kirk visits a museum and gets horny;" and "Neither of them want it this way, but Vulcan forces the to save Spock, and both are miserable, & it all works out for the best." Of course, these summaries don't do justice to the works, but if these are for you, you'll enjoy Duet VI. [2]

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

Duet 7 was published in 1983 and contains 234 pages.

  • Epithalamium by Jamie Orr (Spock misunderstands when he sees Kirk kiss a young woman only weeks after he and Spock have become lovers.)
  • Symmetry of Figures by Tere Ann Roderick (Spock daydreams of being home on Vulcan with his beautiful human slave, a young Jim Kirk.)
  • Alternatives by Jane Coulson (Kirk and Spock are transported to the M/U, where their counterparts wish to learn more about this universe.)
  • Spock's Last Night by K. Lee Shea
  • Silhouettes by Daphne Sayers (Kirk goes after his bondmate when Spock is captured by Orion slavers shortly after he and Kirk bond.)
  • Sarek's Memoirs by Mary Hughes (Humor: Kirk helps to make his father-in-lawʼs book a success.)
  • The Dream That is Real by Ann Smith (On shoreleave, Kirk wakes from a dream that pulls him to Spock.)
  • The Bonding... and After by Rowena Smythe (Spock asks Kirk to bond with him while they are on shoreleave.)
  • The Mind is a Closed Door by E.T.C. (After an illness where he is placed in cyrogenic freeze, Kirk is unable to remember his past.)
  • Captain's Dilemma by Karen Humphries (The nightmares that plague Kirk after the transfer with Janice Lester only intensify his distress over his growing desire for Spock.) (also in JKS Enterprises and Re-Mix)

Issue 8

cover issue #8

Duet 8 was published in 1984 and contains 198 pages.

  • When the Dream Ends (p.5-21) by Broun Hilde (Kirk decides to take a crewwoman to bed in retaliation for Spockʼs calling off of their affair after he is unable to deal with Kirkʼs flirtations.)
  • A Sensitive Area (p.23-25) by E. Oldham (Humor: Trapped in rubble after an earthquake, Spock makes sure a certain part of his captainʼs anatomy is all right. Vignette spoofing the H/C genre, Spock drags himself to the unconscious captain to be sure that "the Captain's log was uninjured.")
  • The Bonnie Machine, Pt. II (p.27-33) by Bessie (Potter [Follow-up to "The Bonnie Machine" by Anne Kydd, Duet #1] (Both Kirk and Spock continue to use the “dream machine” to play out fantasies of being with each other, both unaware that their feelings are reciprocated.)
  • Careless Rapture (p.35-40) by Jody Daly (M/U While drunk at a party, Kirk kisses Spock in front of McCoy, revealing their until now secret affair.)
  • Shorala (p.42-71) by Fiona James (A/U After serving years in a brothel, the human Kirk is sold to a Vulcan family to replace the slave their son recently lost just as he begins to enter his time.)
  • Is Love Just a Dream (p.75-81) by Daphne Sayers (Spock takes a fall from an ice-encrusted ledge; injured, Spock fantasizes that Kirk is his lover.)
  • Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name (p.82-127) by Jill T. (Non-K/S story)
  • Esoteric Interlude (p.129-130) by Jody Daly (Kirk returns from a seminar to a warm reception from his first officer...and lover.)
  • Apologies (p.132-148) by K. Lee Shea
  • An Average Afternoon (p.153-155) by Jody Daly (Kirk and Spock daydream while in bed together.)
  • Debt of Honor (p.157-198) by Indra (Kirk is surprised to find that the peace envoy from Romulus is the Romulan commander who saved his and Spockʼs life by allowing them to escape from their Klingon captors.) [Sequel to "A Question of Honor" by Jane Jones, from Duet #6; also incorporates ideas from Indra's "The Hunt" in T'hy'La #4]

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Issue 9

cover of issue #9

Duet 9 was published in 1984 and contains 179 pages.

  • And They Did... by Pat Charles (The shoreleave Kirk planned to confess his feelings to Spock is delayed when researchers come aboard the Enterprise to interview the crew regarding their dreams while in space.)
  • Accidents Do Happen by Edwina Addison (After the mission he undertook as a woman, Kirk discovers he is pregnant and he and Spock must decide what to do before Kirk is recalled back by Starfleet to be changed back into a man. Prequel:Ultimatums.)
  • Love and Logic by Helen Mountford (Kirk and Spock almost part when neither can seem to give what the other wants from their relationship.)
  • Reunion by Indra (Spock has difficulty releasing his controls when Kirk comes back after a three months absence, and is afraid that he will hurt his bondmate when he finally does.)
  • The Journal by Tere Ann Roderick (Spock is upset when he finds Kirkʼs journal and reads of Kirkʼs uncertainty of Spockʼs love for him.)
  • Sarek's Castle by Mary Hughes (Humor: Sarek has the ancestral home renovated.)
  • Slave by Jane Jones and Fiona James (A/U Kirk is bought from the Orions by Spock as a personal sevant and bedmate, but he attempts to win the humanʼs love rather than taking him by force.)
  • Two's Company by K.S. T'Lan (Kirk, Spock and McCoy pretend to be Uhuraʼs “men” while she negotiates for the Federation with a matriarchal society.)
  • The Long Way Home by S. Roberts (Kirk is even more upset by Spockʼs attention to a childhood friend after he learns he will lose Spock when told of his friendʼs plans to bond with the other Vulcan.)
  • Who Is to Say 'It is not so' by Lottie Thomas

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

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[zine]: The only thing I can say about it at present is that the stories generally contain more emphasis on characterization; are more a study of the inter-relationship between a Kirk and Spock based on the series and films. It is quite refreshing to find a zine that has no mirror universe, slave or sado-masochistic content... Both "Sarek's Castle" by Mary Hughes and K. Lee Shea's "Unseasonal Presence" ... are fun unless you can't take K/S in a lighter vein. But with ten other stories, interspersed with poetry, to choose from DUET IX has enough variety for everyone. I've briefly summarized a selection just to give you a flavour of the zine. For those of you who enjoy a good Kirk Enslaved story, "Slave" by Jane Jones and Fiona James provides all the elements for enjoyment. My only criticism is that I found it too similar to the last Kirk enslaved story in DUET VIII, "Shorala" by Fiona James. That was another zine, however, and so far as DUET IX is concerned, "Slave" does its job of entertaining. "And They Did" by Pat Charles is an amusing account of the manner in which Kirk finally conveys his desire to Spock. Needless to say, the manner is novel and some what unorthodox. "The Long Way Home" by S. Roberts has Spock intending to take a fellow Vulcan as bondmate and to leave the Enterprise. Fortunately, he does return to the ship and to Kirk...but only just! "Who Is to Say 'It is not so'" by Lottie Thomas is a marvellously clever, very short story which speaks for itself. Let's just say Kirk is confined to his quarters recovering from a virus and is having problems with 'frustration'. Thank goodness he has an intelligent and resourceful First Officer! "Accidents Do Happen" by Karla Simon and Edwina Addison is also unusually different. Kirk, temporarily assuming a female form and Spock's long-term lover, has the misfortune of becoming pregnant. As the plot unfolds, we learn how the two cope with this revelation and the decisions they make for the future. "Two's Company" by K.S. T'Lan is for those who don't like our good 'ol country doctor missing out on all the fun. You'll enjoy this if the idea of threesomes appeals to you. Finally, "Love and Logic" by Helen Mountford begs a sequel. After an involved battle with himself between his desire for Kirk and his Vulcan requirements and needs, Spock decides his affair must end! "I do not wish us to part, but I see no alternative." Please, Helen, find an alternative. Overall, DUET lives up to its previous reputation for providing VARIETY and CHOICE. I found enough in it to make the purchase worthwhile. [3]

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

Duet 10 was published in 1985 and contains 188 pages. It contains 19 stories and 4 illos.

  • Always and Forever by Karen Hayden (After their run-in with the giant amoeba, McCoy has Spock take Kirk on shoreleave on Vulcan.)
  • The Other Half by Leo Martine (Kirk and Spock visit a sect on Vulcan who only control negative emotions in order to find a way to be together that will satify both human and Vulcan ways.)
  • Shoreleave Paradise Syndrome by Jane Jones (On the shoreleave planet, Kirk realizes his love for his first officer after he sees Spock talking to an android double of Kirk.)
  • Spock's Adventures in Wonderland by V. Lowe (While beaming down to a new planet, Spock appears to have been transported to an alternate universe.)
  • Now and Always by Fiona James (Having to share a bed while planet-side brings Kirk and Spock together)
  • H2...Oh! by Pat Charles (Kirk has problems after a leaking pipe over his bed drenches him and Spock in the middle of making love.)
  • Lessons by EDC (A/U Kirk is used as bait by his Klingon owner to draw in the Vulcan delegate, Spock.)
  • The Gift of Love by Jodie Daly (Non-K/S story.)
  • Lollipop Invasion by Fiona James (The Enterprise intercepts a distress signal that turns out to be a ship captained by Harry Mudd, who is transporting several members of a girlʼs school.)
  • The Brigand by K.S. T'Lan (A/U Admiral Kirk is sent to Vulcan to aid in the negotiations for its Federation membership, but is kidnapped by a pre-reform band whose leader turns out to be the son of the Vulcan ambassador, Sarek.)
  • Secret Garden by Robin Hood
  • Mow and Always by Fiona James
  • The Lollipop Invasion by A.T. Bush
  • The Dream by Fiona James (Kirk begins to have dreams of a male phantom lover.)
  • Through the Shadows by Beverly Danielson (Spock remains in a coma, using it to hide from memories of a rape only now trying to break free. Prequel: Between Worlds. Sequel: An Unquiet Dream.)

Issue 11

cover of issue #11

Duet 11 was published in 1985 and contains 168 pages. Art: drawings are few in this installment of the “Duet” anthology but they include a pointillist portrait of a long-haired Spock by Sandra.

  • A Difference That Makes All the Difference by Jane Jones (Kirk refuses to bond with Spock until he finds out that there is a subtle physical difference between them.)
  • The Waterfall by Monica White (Spock is lulled by a waterfall when he and Kirk swim during a planet survey.)
  • Revenge... is Best Served Cold! by Robin Hood (After VʼGer, Kirk begins to understand that he desires Spock, but is unwilling to admit to being homosexual. )
  • Soul Brothers by Janice MacDonald (A/U Spock and McCoy buy two human slaves from the Klingons, only to find that one is McCoyʼs friend Jim Kirk and Kirkʼs nephew, Peter.)
  • Second Anniversary by Elisabeth (Spock remembers his and Kirkʼs anniversary.)
  • First Impressions by K. Lee Shea (Spock is conned into going to the welcoming party for the Enterpriseʼs new captain, James Kirk.)
  • Stock in Trade or a Time for Love and a Time for Hate by Tere Ann Roderick (A/U: Captain Spock of the Vulcan Empire, buys one of the cadets on Tarsus from Kodos in exchange for food, taking Cadet Kirk as his own.)
  • Confession by Ann Smith (After Spockʼs death, Kirk confesses his feelings for the Vulcan to McCoy.)
  • Desperate Ills by Maureen Fenton (One year after their trip to Vulcan Spock enter pon farr again, and Kirk realizes that he wants to be the one to see Spock through it.)
  • Latrodectus by Janice MacDonald (An old enemy of Kirkʼs creates a spiderwoman to ensnare and kill Kirk.)
  • Covered Wagon by K.S. T'Lan (A/U While visiting Earth, Spock is taken as a slave, but is bought by the young human Kirk for companionship.)
  • Acceptance by Janice MacDonald (Kirk and Spock go to Iowa after their bonding, and discover that Kirkʼs mother was a girlhood friend of Amandaʼs.)
  • Imperial Interlude IV by Jane J. Coulson (Scott/Kyle) (also in Visions of Empire)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 11

See reactions and reviews for A Difference That Makes All the Difference.
See reactions and reviews for The Waterfall.
See reactions and reviews for Revenge... is Best Served Cold!.
See reactions and reviews for Soul Brothers.
See reactions and reviews for Second Anniversary.
See reactions and reviews for First Impressions.
See reactions and reviews for Confession.
See reactions and reviews for Desperate Ills.
See reactions and reviews for Latrodectus.
See reactions and reviews for Covered Wagon.
See reactions and reviews for Acceptance.
See reactions and reviews for Imperial Interlude IV.
[zine]: I thoroughly enjoyed this latest issue of the long-running DUET series. The zine is 168 pages & there are 12 stories. The first is: A Difference That Makes - All The Difference - Jane Jones. I always look forward to reading stories by this author. This is an A/U end-of-the-5-year-mission story wherein Spock asks Kirk to bond with him & Kirk has to refuse due to injuries he received back on Tarsus IV. But Kirk has not taken into account the differences in Vulcan anatomy-and, boy, is he in for a surprise! The Waterfall - Monica White. Exploring a rainforest in 837. humidity is making Kirk hot, sweaty & irritable, i.e. till they discover a pool with its own waterfall. What follows is a rather lovely fantasy of sexual awakening. Revenge...Is Best Served Cold! - Robin Hood. This story is set post ST:TMP. Spock beams down to a hot planet called Alton. Kirk follows & proceeds to get extremely angry when he sees Spock with a Vulcan woman who is touching him quite intimately. Kirk's resulting jealousy leads to a drastic change in his relationship with Spock; & it is Spock who deliberately sets out to seduce Kirk. Not an easy task, I hasten to add! Soul Brothers - J.G. MacDonald. This is an interesting A/U story which, at the start is very reminiscent of Syn Ferguson's "Taaz Avine" in THE PRICE & THE PRIZE. Spock & McCoy are passing themselves off as a Romulan & his mate looking for Human slaves. They find a man being savagely raped by several Klingons in turn while a boy watches in horror. Spock busy both of the Humans & they take them back to Spock s ship, the T'Saaah. Kirk & McCoy are old friends from way back. Spock is a widower with a young son, S'kin'la. Uhura is Spock's adopted sister. The rest of the story is concerned with the interrelationships of the main characters. First Impressions - K. Lea Shea. This curious story is set when Kirk comes aboard the Enterprise for the first time & Spock is sunk in the depths of depression & doesn't want to meet what he believes to be a Greek god. Kirk, on the other hand, is not too keen on meeting Spock either. Fortunately they get on famously. Stock In Trade or A Time for Love & A Time for Hate - Tere Ann Roderick. This is another A/U story & is unusual in that it is set on Tarsus IV during the reign of Kodos. Kirk & the other cadets are kept prisoners in the stiflingly-hot barracks where they are held until some Vulcans arrive. Kodos makes a deal with the Vulcans-he gives them the cadets in trade for food for himself & his followers. Kirk won t give in to his fears, stands straight & proud & sets an example to the other cadets. Spock notices Kirk & chooses him for himself. Spock, surprisingly, treats the young Kirk with gentleness & learns to respect his opinions. Kirk is lucky to survive a vicious attack by Stonn & the ending is most satisfactory. Confessions - Ann Smith. A short story set post STII wherein Kirk tells McCoy how he really felt about his dead companion. The atmosphere is permeated with sadness & futility. Desperate Ills -Maureen Fenton. One year after the events of Amok Time, Spock goes into pon farr again & Kirk offers himself. All I can say is if all pon farrs are as easy as this then I don't know why Vulcans worry about them so much. Latrodectus Mactans - Le'oni. This story is something new in that it is a K/S horror story & definitely not for the squeamish. Our heroes, while waiting rendezvous with the Enterprise, decide to explore a little of a lawless planet called Tranzell. They venture into a nightclub where Kirk is mesmerised by a black dancer with shining skin & flaming red hair. Kirk has never been so turned on in his life & doesn't even notice that the place she leads him to his her lair. Poor Kirk! The creature he is with is part android/part spider & this particular species of spider eats the male after mating with him. Imagine the look on Kirk's face when he is lying there sated & exhausted & he notices the black fangs protruding from her mouth & the fact that the room is covered in a large spiders web! The creature is a creation of an alien called Creel &, judging by the ending, there could be a sequel. This story contains graphic straight sex as well as K/S. The title is Latin for Black Widow Spider. Imperial Interlude IV - Jane Jones. This story is set within the framework of "Mirror Reflections". If you've read the latter then you know that Spock terminated his relationship with Kyle in favour of Kirk. This story is K/S but in this instance it stands for Kyle/Scott as Scotty decides to take over where Spock left off. Acceptance - J. MacDonald. After their bonding Kirk & Spock pay a visit to Kirk's mother in Iowa. Alas, the author says very little about Pauline Kirk. There isn't even a physical description of her & I would have liked to know a lot more about her. Her attitude to Kirk & Spock's relationship seems to be rather old-fashioned considering she lives in the 23rd century. Fortunately Amanda turns up & enlightens her about Spock. Covered Wagon - K.S. T'Lan. Doreen has saved the best till last & this is a thoroughly 34-page story set on Earth in the period after the Eugenics Wars where there are only isolated pockets of civilisation & the rest of the planet has reverted to savagery & barbarism. Spock has wanted to see & explore his mother's planet & foolishly wandered beyond the safe area of the Starbase. He is captured, taken prisoner & kept constantly drugged. Eventually he is bought by a merchant trader--Kirk--who makes a living selling goods to isolated farms. In the course of their travels in Kirk s covered wagon they learn to trust, respect, desire & finally love each other. It doesn't take much persuading on Spock's part to convince Kirk to come home to the stars with him. There are quite a few poems, the best of which I thought was Chemistry by S Meek, a competition award winner. In addition, there are 2 vignettes--Second Anniversary by Elisabeth, which is very touching & concerns Spock's inability to tell Kirk he loves him; & The Best Laid Plans - or - The Seven Year Itch! by D. DuBois about an alien who is angry because his 2 prize specimens won't mate. Small wonder--he has captured Spock & Uhura! One can only hope that they will be rescued before Spock's Seven Year Itch develops, There are only 6 illos in the zine, all of which are quite good. There is also an attractive new cover design by Virginia Lee Smith--an elaborate IDIC with the letters KS on it. To sum up, DUET XI has something for everyone & I definitely recommend it. Doreen is to be commended for her reliability & the regularity with which she publishes her zines. Her next zine is HIDDEN DESIRES/AFTERMATH --a 2 part story in one zine by Lesley Birmingham due in May. Doreen sounds very enthusiastic about it & I'm looking forward to it. After this will come DUET XII which will contain a real treat--a K/S story set within the VARIATIONS ON A THEME universe! I first heard about this story over a year ago & can't wait to read it. [4]

Issue 12

cover of issue #12

Duet 12 was published in 1985 and contains 183 pages. It has art by Sandra and Virginia Lee Smith. Contains 18 stories, 6 illos.

  • "An Act of Love" by Helen Mountford (Kirk and Spock are forced to have sex together, but afterwards Kirk feels he has lost Spock, who has withdrawn from him after opening up so much during the lovemaking.)
  • Colour Scheme by Mary Sue (Kirk decides their house needs redecorating, but he and Spock canʼt agree on anything about it.)
  • Face the Dark by Robin Hood (Kirk and Spock wake to find themselves in their darkened shuttlecraft, with Kirk unable to move from the stasis field he finds himself in.)
  • A Friend in Need by K.S. T'Lan (Kirk takes up an offer from two friends so stay with them for a few day, needing someone to talk to about his desire for Spock, but then must face his science officer when Spock is stranded on the planet and has to stay with Kirk.)
  • Stay With Me by H. Christoforou
  • In the Soup or McCoy Gets His Just Desserts by Jane J. Coulson (McCoy badgers a drunken Spock into standing up to his bondmate, angering Kirk who doesnʼt understand why Spock is acting that way.)
  • Games People Play by Robin Hood
  • Traces by D. Evans
  • For Your Love by Kirk (Spock confronts his lover after finding a document naming Kirk as the father of Carol Marcusʼ son.)
  • Blind But Now I See by K. Lee Shen
  • Prey by E.D.C.
  • Echoes in my Mind by Robin Hood (perhaps "Touching of the Mind"?)
  • Variations 3 1/2 or The Other Choice by Martin Coates (Kirk must deal with his psychological impotence when Spock finally goes into pon farr, and is unable to go to any other: Prequel: Variations On a Theme 3.)

Issue 13

cover of issue #13

Duet 13 was published in 1986 and contains 185 pages. Nine stories, four illos.

  • Sons of the Morning by J.S. (A/U Kirk finds a Vulcan slave stowed away on the Enterprise, and decides to hide him in his cabin for the six weeks it will take to get to Vulcan.)
  • Reality of the Drream by Beverly Danielson? Karen Hayden? (McCoy ponders Kirk and Spockʼs relationship in his log, knowing that something has finally happened to bring them together as one.)
  • An Unquiet Dream Danielson, Beverly (Spock continues to try to deal with the memories of his rape as a young boy twenty years before. Prequel: Through The Shadows.)
  • Future in Your Eyes, The by Karen Hayden (Kirk reflects while watching Spock sleep.)
  • For Him I Sing by Elisabeth (Kirk remembers the times Spock left him...and returned.)
  • And Parted Never More by Indra (Kirk is missing after leaving a conference to return to the Enterprise, and five months later is found mind-blocked and tortured, his only hope the love and need he shares with Spock.)
  • Love Is by Tom
  • Moonflower's Sorcery by Barbara Gordon
  • Between the Worlds, An Unquiet Dream by Beverly Danielson (Spock begins to hallucinate after being given a vaccine, just as Earth and Vulcan seem to cut diplomatic ties with each other. Sequel: Through the Shadows.)

Issue 14

cover of issue #14

Duet 14 was published in 1987 and contains 178 pages. It contains 9 stories, 4 illos.

  • Such Bitter Joy by Karen Hayden (In a homophobic Starfleet, Kirk and Spock are called in after VʼGer on suspicion of breaking regulations, and Kirk discovers memories long hidden..)
  • Final by Jennifer Barnett
  • You're My Heart, You're My Soul by Karen Hayden (Spock returns after a week away from his lover.)
  • Ill-Made Knight, The by Tay Garian (Kor uses the son Spock had while a woman to get revenge on Kirk, the boyʼs father. Prequel: The Seed.)
  • No More Battlefields by Noelle Harrison (Kiek decides to bring Lokai and Bele back to the ship and with Spockʼs help, tries to teach them about love in the hope that they will finally let go of their hate.)
  • I Never Knew You Cared by K. Lee Shea
  • So Much Love by R. Brook (Kirk is happy with his bond to Spock, but learns a disturbing truth as to how much his lover has given up when called to Vulcan.)
  • R&R - Reward And Retribution by Jenifer Barnett (Kirk talks Spock into sharing a ride after he conjures up an ancient Earth vehicle while on the Shoreleave planet.)
  • Reogenesis One, and Two by Linda Bryant (After the fal tor pan, Spock takes Kirk to his room where they finally face the ultimate closeness they have always denied. Then, Spockʼs mental and physical strength slowly reemerge as he comes to terms with his “death” and his new relationship with Kirk while they wait for Starfleetʼs punishment.)
  • The Project Sara S. Reynolds (A/U While working on Vulcan, Kirk meets and falls in love with Spock. But their bonding is being prevented by Dr. McCoy, who has seen what can happen to an Earth man during pon farr..)
  • The Fear and the Kiss by Karen Hayden (Kirk confesses his fears of the future to Spock, the greatest of which is losing his lover.)
  • Chattel by Jenifer Barnet (M/U Spock sets things up so that a disgraced Kirk must flee with him to Vulcan where the human will now be his chattel.)

Issue 15

cover of issue #15

Duet 15 was published in 1987 and contains 182 pages and four illos.

  • Obsession and Confession by Malia Storm (After VʼGer, both Kirk and Spock confess to fears and supressed feelings.)
  • So Many Tomorrows by Janice MacDonald (Kirk is disturbed at his not being there for Spock when the Vulcan and McCoy were in Sarpedionʼs past)
  • Perfect Giving by D.V. Kayna (Kirk comes to the aid of a Romulan in trouble.)
  • A New Future - the Sequel by Rowena Smythe
  • Confessions of a Frustrated Mother by Janice G. MacDonald

Issue 16

cover of issue #16

Duet 16 was published in 1987 and contains 181 pages.

  • Visit to the Forest, A by Faille (Kirk and Spock go camping with two of Kirkʼs childhood friends.)
  • Enslaved Again! by Sunny (Kirk is again called on to play slave to his bondmate when he and Spock investigate the Vulcanoid inhabitants of a planet who have human-like slaves.)
  • You Do Know What The Action Is by K. Lee Shea
  • Cage of Delights by B. Kelsey (Spock participates in a test on a planet being asked to join the Federation that first gives the participant what he most desires, and then forces him to live life without it.)
  • Sudden Change of Circumstances, A by Malia Storm (An alien being turns Kirk into a woman, who must now come to terms with his new life and the desire he feels for Spock.)
  • Bond of Love by Rowena Smythe (A/U Kirk is bought by the captain of the Enterprise in order to keep him from the hands of two Klingons, but his feelings for Spock gradually increase the more time he spends with his new owner.)

Issue 17

cover of issue #17, by Virginia Lee Smith

Duet 17 was published in 1987 and contains 178 pages. Art by Virginia Lee Smith. It contains 8 stories and 2 illos.

  • Mirror Love by T'Annka
  • Final Acceptance by Elizabeth Donnelly (Kirk is a reluctant bondmate to Spock, who rapes and forces a bond on his captain while in pon farr.)
  • Deprefundus by Rufus (After six months of captivity Kirk is a broken man, and itʼs up to McCoy and Spock to bring him back to who he was.)
  • New Dawn by Rufus (A/U The Enterprise rescues the only survivor of a band of Vulcans taken by Orion slavers, and Kirk finds himself drawn to the man, Spock.)
  • The Wrath of the Empire by Greggia Seta (M/U: Spock is caught in the Omega wave set off by the Empire to destroy the now rebel ship, Enterprise, and itʼs up to Kirk to retrieve Spockʼs body and restore the katra the human now holds..)
  • Echo by Rufus (A/U When Vulcan is admitted into the Federation, Kirk is confronted by the Vulcan he shared a cell with eighteen months before when both were prisoners and the Vulcan was in pon farr.)
  • Final Resistance by Janice Mac Donald (Novella) (A/U Kirk, and many of the other survivors from the Enterprise who join forces with the Vulcans to fight against the invading Klingons, finds love among their new allies.)
  • Out of the Darkness by T'Soon, T'Late, and T'Need (Despondent after Miramaneeʼs death, Kirk gives up after mistakenly thinking that Spock has died from the fall they took while on shoreleave.)

Issue 18

cover of issue #18, by Virginia Lee Smith

Duet 18 was published in 1988 and contains 161 pages. Art by Virginia Lee Smith. Six stories, an anthology of poetry, and 2 illos.

  • Traces by Katy Deery (Spock takes Kirk on shoreleave after the Babel conference and vows to make Kirk his own. Sequel: After The Night.)
  • The Chosen One by Elizabeth Donnelly (A/U Sarek buys a human slave but with an ulterier motive that only becomes apparent when his son, Spock, returns home on shoreleave.)
  • After the Night by Katy Deery (Kirk demands Spock leave the ship after the Vulcan drugs and rapes him. Prequel: Traces.)
  • Accidents Do Happen by Elizabeth Donnelly
  • The Captain's Yeoman by Pat Charles(Kirk begins to wonder why he keeps getting yeomen that make a play for him, until a discussion with Spock brings to light disturbing information.)
  • Alien Encounter by Lyn Viviers (Novella) (A/U After a mysterious explosion McCoy finds an injured alien at the cottage he retreated to after his divorce and is shocked when he discovers that his young, fair-haired landlord knows the green-blooded stranger.)
  • Portfolio of K/S poetry
  • 15 poems

Issue 19

cover of issue #19

Duet 19 was published in 1988 and contains 156 pages.

  • Two's Company by Susan Humphries (Captured and drugged, Spock is unable to resist when he and Kirk are forced to have sex with an alien ruler, but all are surprised when the woman is not the object of his affections.)
  • Nobody's Perfect by K. Lee Shea (Humor: Kirk and Spock contend with their parentsʼ misgivings as they prepare to bond.)
  • To Trust Again by Janice MacDonald (A/U While Kirk and Spock fight to free Vulcan of slavery, Spock waits for Kirk to get over his rape when Stonnʼs slave so that the two of them can finally be one.)
  • The Half Brother by Tay Garian (While being held in a cell, McCoy comforts Spock as best he can, though he knows that Kirkʼs return is the only comfort Spock needs.)
  • Fear Conquered by Elizabeth Donnelly (A/U Commander Kirk is raped by the first officer of the Enterprise, interfering with Captain Spockʼs plans to woe the human.)
  • Naked Vision by Tay Garian (McCoy ponders the looks of love that passed between Kirk and Spock after the events of Psi 2000.)
  • Love Lessons by Janice MacDonald (Kirk believes Spock plans on bonding with Uhura when he discovers that they slept together after both were raped during a planet survey.)
  • Melange a Trois by Tay Garian (McCoy wonders if Kirk and Spock will ever own up to their feelings for one another.)
  • Soul in Despair by C. Weatherill (A/U: Finally back after missing for six months, Kirk is taken to Vulcan by Spock after he tries to commit suicide because of his rape while held captive. Sequel: Soulmate/Bondmate.)
  • A Precious Jewel by Tay Garian (McCoy remembers Kirk and Spock.)

Issue 20

cover of issue #20, by Sandra

Duet 20 was published in 1989 and contains 145 pages.

  • Pon Farr Story by Talia Laine (Kirk ingests a fruit that brings on a condition similar to pon farr while he and Spock are stranded on a planet together.)
  • Shadows by Katy Deery
  • Mixed Doubles by Jance MacDonald (Kirk and Spock meet up with their counterparts from yet another A/U while on shoreleave to bond.)
  • A Moment in Time by Tish (Before taking the antidote for the Scalosian water, Kirk and Spock decide to christen the bridge. Also in A Touch of Tish)
  • Soulmate/Bondmate by C. Weatherill and Sue Needle (Now bonded, Kirk and Spock go to Vulcan to have the bond. finalized and finish Kirkʼs healing. Prequel: Soul In Despair.)
  • The Proof of the Pudding by Rufus (Spock hallucinates while suffering from food poisoning, and takes his captain as he has long wanted to.)
  • A Trial of Love and Loyalty by Janice MacDonald (Kirk is arrested as a traitor and Spock set up to break him out of prison, in order for them to go undercover to break up a pirate ring.)
  • The Promise by Katy Deery
  • Whither Thou Goest by Rufus (A/U: A young Kirk and Spock escape from the Romulans, taking the human doctor who healed them with them.)
  • First Times are Never Easy by Tish (Kirk has a procedure done in sickbay.)
  • Manners Maketh Man by Pat Charles (The ease of their melds show Kirk and Spock their true closeness and precipitates their coming together.)
  • Opium of the People by Rufus (A petty quarrel between bondmates is soon forgotten when Kirk is captured and tortured by the natives of the planet theyʼre surveying.)
  • To Share with Thee by Tish
  • Freedom by Rufus (A/U Though bought as a slave Kirk becomes Spockʼs bondmate, but their life together is threatened when Earth invades Vulcan.)
  • Odds and Sods by Jockstrap (Uhura and Chapel discover a tape of Kirk and Spock when they decide to visit an adult theatre.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 20

See reactions and reviews for Pon Farr Story.
See reactions and reviews for Mixed Doubles.
See reactions and reviews for A Moment in Time.
See reactions and reviews for Soulmate/Bondmate.
See reactions and reviews for The Proof of the Pudding.
See reactions and reviews for A Trial of Love and Loyalty.
See reactions and reviews for Whither Thou Goest.
See reactions and reviews for First Times are Never Easy.
See reactions and reviews for Manners Maketh Man.
See reactions and reviews for Opium of the People.
See reactions and reviews for To Share with Thee.
See reactions and reviews for Freedom.
See reactions and reviews for Odds and Sods.

Issue 21

cover of issue #21

Duet 21 was published in 1990 and contains 94 pages. This is the only issue that was not edited by the original editor, but by Janice MacDonald and Carole Weatherill.

  • Reflection by Terry Gilbert (Spock intiates lovemaking with Kirk and then turns away, forcing Kirkʼs mother to intervene.)
  • Always a Part of Me by Elizabeth Donnelly (After the M5 debacle, Spock uses love to relieve his bondmateʼs insecurities and keep Kirkʼs mind off the computer.)
  • Promises, Promises by T'Man (Spock believes he has tricked Kirk into bonding with him until he finds that his captain has some tricks of his own.)
  • Sins of the Father by Terry Gilbert (Spock discovers he has a sixteen year old son, a cadet stationed on the Enterprise.)
  • Kindness Always Pays by Elizabeth Donnelly (A/U Spock is allowed to keep the young Kirk as his personal slave after all attempts to break the human have failed.)
  • To Share with Thee by Tish (Non-K/S story, also in A Touch of Tish)


  1. from Datazine #13
  2. from Not Tonight, Spock! #2
  3. from Not Tonight Spock! #3
  4. from Not Tonight Spock! #9
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